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Antonie Vai, guest of Klara Prints at MDL in Lucerna Music Bar

Klára Vytisková is preparing a club concert after a long pause. With Klara & The Pop, she will perform at the Lucerna Music Bar on March 8, where she invited an extraordinary guest. On stage, the charismatic singer, songwriter and musician Antonia Vai will be replaced with Hungarian-Swedish roots. On a day that symbolically surrenders internationally to all women, two extraordinary ladies with distinctive voices and original music will meet on one stage.

Antonia Vai, who calls his style the most often poetic soul, does not stand with Klara Vytisková on stage for the first time. Klara with the band was her guest at the baptism of a new album in the legendary Budapest A38 club. "I met Antonia in Budapest, a typical Hungarian energetic girl who grew up in Sweden. We went to a cafe and in the evening we had a great concert in the club on the A38 boat and now I'm looking forward to taking Antonie to coffee in Prague and we will repeat it in LMB tonight, " he expects Klara Vytisková, adding, " I think both of them we have a passion for the soul, but each one moves it in a different direction. "The concerts of both artists in Prague and Budapest are supported by the project SoundCzech - Connect, prepared by Czech Music Office - an office for support of Czech music abroad.

Klára Vytisková became a mother for the second time last year, so it rarely appears on the concert stages. We could see her at some of the selected summer festivals and the prestigious Sziget. The last time she signed up last autumn with a single 2in1 .

Antonia Vai is one of the most interesting singers on the contemporary Hungarian music scene. For her alternative pop style are typical harsh and explosively narrated lyrics, in the music folder we find flamenco, Balkan and world music. Antoine himself is in the box of poetic soul, dramatic folk and melodic bitch slap. Her original stylistic striding is largely due to her cosmopolitan roots and life experiences.
A Swedish-Hungarian singer, musician and composer was born and raised in Stockholm in the family of Hungarian emigrants. She has been working since the childhood, the first recordings have been made in her teenage bedroom. She later gained experience in London and traveled around Europe. She has released her first two albums. In 2013 she moved to Budapest to enter the musical scene. Her arrival in Budapest was a breakthrough in her career with Antoni Vai Banda's international ensemble, bringing her attention to a wider audience, and she played 150 concerts in Hungary, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Brazil and other countries. She has been nominated for songwriter of the year, performs often on Hungarian television. The fifth album Ritual released in the autumn of last year.

Klara & The Pop is the charm and energy of Klara Vytisková, the owner of Angel for her first solo album Home, surrounded by an elite group of young musicians. In July of last year, their original music and famed deployments conquered the crowds at Colors Of Ostrava, and the August start on the international scene was successful at the legendary Hungarian Sziget, the biggest festival in Central Europe. The road that began with successful Toxique years ago has now reached another dimension. KLARA & THE POP is proof that a good song, played with taste, charm, and dragon, does not need boxes but only receptive listeners.

Klara & The Pop are also Klina's sister Tereza Vytisková performing under the pseudonym Edna Green, who plays the synthesizer and pads, guitarist, guitarist and bassist Matěj Belko, drummer Adam Koller and keyboardist Jan Ales. The whole band is also involved with accompanying vocals.

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