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Nordic Film Winter - Ballet, War and Sexual Revolution

Nordic film winter for the eighth. The traditional Nordic and Baltic cinematography of the Nordic Film Club will be celebrated this year by eight. The 8th year in 2018 brings a total of 28 shots. 8 news, 8 films from Sweden, 8 from Norway and 8 comedies. 8. 2. At 6 pm, the opening ceremony will take place at the Lucerne cinema, where 8 winning spectators will be awarded.

The festival will be launched by Finland's Helena Tuuri , Ambassador of Finland, who will be releasing the film The Endless Way . Jussi Ketola (Tommi Korpela) is forced by the Finnish anti-Communists to make an "endless journey" from Finland to Soviet Russia in 1930. His only dream is to return to the family at any cost. By the 1970s, we were going to go on another Finnish film, "Eternal Times ," when the sexual revolution went to a remote North African town full of believers. How much does it remark to boys who have seen the sexual release of their parents?

The film commemorates the attack on Denmark on April 9, 1940. However, the information on the surrender of Denmark did not reach all the units, and some border guards defended their country in the last few years after the surrender of the state. The story of a ballet dancer who diagnoses persistent hip damage during Giselle rehearsals tells another Darling drama in Denmark. Dee also does not want to leave the ballet because her husband, Frans, works as a choreographer and starts training young Polly, whom he too soon likes to enjoy. And Dee gets jealous. Polly representative, Astrid Grarup Elbo, was also an expert advisor to the film Kráčej se mnou about the interconnection of the worlds of the wounded soldier from Afghanistan and the Ballerina of the Royal Danish Ballet.

After the death of his wife Kjetil Restart needs. Adapted son ceases to master, so they go to Colombia to seek his biological mother. Do you want to look behind the scenes of energy drink marketing? Buy DRIB . Other featured Norwegian films are the existential drama From The Balcony , the Living Life Comedy, Staying Alive, or Women in Excessive Men's Shirts , Women Looking for Their Identity and Happiness.

Svante, a young man suffering from an incurable heart defect, went on to escape the future . In 1973, he flew a strange train to 2016, where, along with his new love, he is looking for affordable treatment and a way to live together when they come from two different periods. Do not stop dreaming . This is what Mirja, who, after being released from prison, is looking for his place. He lives a double life and divides him between care for a sick mother and friends who have always been a real family. On topical issues of homosexuality, surrogate parenting, and immigration, he focuses on a considerable amount of exaggeration of the Kicking Christmas comedy. The Swedish classic has become Stories from Stockholm about crossing the fates of five people whose lives have changed a sudden power outage.

From Baltic Cinema he is again included in the program of the retro comedy The Heroes about the Escape of Three Youth from Soviet Estonia for a more comfortable life in Sweden and the Estonian remake of the Danish hit The Class Meeting after Estonia . The Lithuanian Excursion is the story of a ten-year-old girl who has escaped from a deportation train and is releasing a 6,000-kilometer journey from Siberia back home to her native Lithuania.

The festival has long been trying to accommodate audiences with hearing impairment. All films have color-coded subtitles . When screening in Prague, Brno and Ostrava, the films will also feature English subtitles.

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