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The Mobile Applications ZOH 2018 brings the Olympic Games to the touch of a hand

Although the forthcoming Winter Olympics will take place in far-off South Korea, fans of the Czech team will be available literally on the touch of a hand. Mobile apps from T-Mobile, this time under the name ZOH 2018, will again offer not only detailed news, exclusive backstage information, detailed information about all the representatives, online reports, results service, but also competition for mobile phones.

Olympic games in Korean Pyongyang will start on February 9, but thanks to the new mobile app, Czech fans can prepare them as intensively as they are already. In-app users have videos, news from the Olympic events, and a detailed Her program that lets you set notifications to individual events - smartphone fans do not want anything important. The application will not only bring users to Korean Pyongyang, but will also offer information from the Olympic festivals, which will be held in Brno and Ostrava.

"This year's ZOH 2018 application is already the third, which we have prepared for the Czech Olympic team, and I am happy to offer it a little more. So far, over 300,000 smartphone users have been watching the Olympics, and I believe the application will again be one of the most downloaded, " says Jan Stanko (T-Mobile).

Tomáš Houska, the head of the digital communication of WWTP, would like to bring the Olympics into the pocket. "The content of the application is made directly by members of the Olympic team. We offer fun, emotions, results, program, profiles of athletes with links to social networks, detailed backstage view. The Olympics at the other end of the world are a challenge for fans as well, given the time shift. The Olympic program starts at 2 am in Czech time and culminates after lunch. Anyone who gets up in the morning and turns on the app will immediately know what happened at night and who and where he can cheer all day, "he explained.

Mobile app ZOH 2018 is free to download for both Android and iOS.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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