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Are you sitting all day at work? Exercising 3 times a week is not enough

Lack of movement and sedentary work are a risky combination for your heart and blood vessels. In order to stay healthy, you should preferably spend five times a week on such a sport or exercise, in which you get a little breathing and breathing.

The human heart works like a pump that pumps blood throughout the body at regular intervals. Over time, its function is getting worse. Deficiency may indicate a low volume of the ejection fraction. This quantity represents the amount of blood that the heart sends into the body during one contraction.

Even more serious is the condition where the heart fails even with the preserved ejection fraction. This problem is difficult to treat. However, studies have shown that active individuals have the size of the ejection fraction, and hence the elasticity of the heart , due to regular physical activity to keep up to a high age.

The move is beneficial

Scientists have found that day-to-day physical activity increases the level of "good" HDL cholesterol. On the contrary, a sedentary lifestyle is responsible for increasing "bad" LDL cholesterol. This bad cholesterol causes the coronary arteries that lead to heart attack or stroke in many people.
Passive people have been shown to have high blood pressure. He is signed on the health of the vessel and the size of the heart. It can adapt to a certain extent - it becomes obsolete and increases its size. However, it gets exhausted over time and starts to fail. Regular movement strengthens the heart muscle and helps reduce blood pressure.

Sports several times a week

To maintain a healthy heart, Professor Levin of Texas, an internal medicine specialist, recommends physical activity four to five times a week. Two or three times a week in preventing heart disease is not enough.
Optimal exercise ranges from mild to moderate weight.
Fast walks or short runs are appropriate.
Group activities include aerobics, zumba, squash, tennis and other sports.
Yoga, weight training or weight training are not activities that will help you in preventing heart disease. However, they are used as an add-on to your training plan.

Practicing in the office is easy

Do not strengthen your heart-work exercises in the office. However, you stretch your muscles, relieve your spine and joints, relieve tension and become more alert. You can manage a few exercises even during a short break, and you can soften your strength to accomplish other tasks.
Start bending the head to the side, bend your shoulders a few times, and pull the blades to yourself several times.
Draw your hands and move your wrist, do not forget to loosen your fingers.
Push and release the lower limbs again, bend your legs in the ankle.
Put your foot on the floor with a circle. First clockwise and then counterclockwise.
In front of the chair, pull your legs and lift them over the floor. You stretch the muscles of your thighs and calves, and even strengthen the muscles of your belly.

Copy on one leg

During office hours, you may experience unpleasant swelling of your legs. They arise due to the slowing down of venous blood flow from the lower limbs. Copy and other activities that you perform standing are used to practice your feet.
Bend one leg in your knee so that your ankle is at the butt level and hold for a few seconds. Shake and shake your legs.
Replace the office chair for the exercise ball. It helps the body to get rid of tension and stress and in addition to strengthen the abdominal muscles.
Avoid lifts, prefer stairs.
Take care of sufficient fluid intake. Pure water helps burn fat.
Colleagues in the workplace contact personally, not e-mail.

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