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Fast food from chicken

Do you like chicken, but do you have any ideas on how to prepare it differently? We have two recipes for you to appreciate, and everyone can handle them. Within a few minutes you will prepare a healthy lunch and dinner.

Chicken cooks and cooks are very popular. And not just them. Desserts are looking for it because of dietary properties and quick preparation. The meat is fragile with a delicate taste and great variability. To really enjoy chicken, choose a quality label, such as Classic, Regional Food or so-called "bio-zeros." The difference is apparent on the first bite.

Chicken pocket with cheese and spinach

Chicken breasts are the most varied piece of chicken. Their preparation is simple but they tend to dry out. But if you fill them, they will be beautifully juicy. You can change the refill in different ways. However, you will love the combination of spinach with Balkan cheese.
4 servings, 30 min. preparation, low difficulty


about 4 chicken breasts with skin
50 g of Balkan cheese
50 g of eidam
250 g of fresh spinach
2 cloves of garlic
200 ml of white wine
a bunch of almonds
salt pepper

Chicken breasts should be washed and dried. Cut the center so that it is inside the pocket.
Salt and pepper meat from all sides, inside the pocket. Inside press the pressed garlic.
Spoon the spinach into the strainer and boil it with boiling water.
Use the Balkan cheese and eidam to mix and mix together.
With cheese, unpack the pocket and add spinach and slices of almonds. If the raw materials are poorly held inside, you can tighten the pocket using a toothpick.
In the pan, warm the oil and slowly fry the chicken with the skin down.
When the skin is golden and crunchy, turn the chicken breasts. Then rest for a few minutes.
Sprinkle the meat with wine, turn it over and leave for about 15 minutes to dry. If necessary, add water.
Chicken pockets serve with roasted potatoes.

Chicken strudel

Cut, knot and put in the oven. A simple recipe for a family dinner that you can eat hot or cold.
4 servings, 40 min. preparation, difficulty low


1 roll of dough
2 eggs
250 ml sour cream
fresh thyme (1 sprig)
300 g of chicken
200 g of blue cheese
1 pear
50 g of walnuts
salt pepper

Preheat the oven to 180 ° C.
Wash and dry chicken, salt and pepper. Then cut it on the noodles.
Fold the chicken pieces briefly with hot oil.
Nivu crush and mix with sour cream. Stir 1 egg.
Add the thyme leaves to the cheese mixture.
Divide the dough into 2 parts and roll 2 thin slices.
Smash each plate with sour cream with blue cheese and add chicken.
Add the chopped pear to the meat and pour out the chopped nuts.
Refill salt, pepper, and dough into the dough.
Put the stalks on the plate and wipe the egg.
Bake golden brown, about 20 minutes.

Tip: Cut the meat into small pieces and skip the step of preparing them in the pan.

More recipes can be found at , where you can read about how to find good food and choose the best ones.

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