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Divadlo Na Jezerce has another nomination for the Thalia Prize

For the second time in a short time, the Na Jezerce Theater has won a prestigious award. Actor Ondřej Kavan received a wider nomination in Thálie Théâtre 2017 for extraordinary performance in the role of Adolf Hitler in the tragicomedy He is here again! Thalia for a male actor in 2016 won Milan Kňažko last March for a thrilling performance in the lead role of Shylock, which is one of the popular Nusel scene titles.

"I take the nomination as a praise for my systematic and sometimes even perfectionist preparation in studying and subsequently rendering the role of Adolf Hitler. I also thank Honza Hrušínský for throwing me the glove I immediately picked up, " says Ondřej Kavan. "Because of the competition that exists in this field on the local stages and also because of the number of premiers during the previous period, the Thalia Awards are a significant appreciation of your creative work," said Ondřej Kepka, president of the Acting Association, which organizes the awards. "Congratulations to Ondrej Kavan, the director Matěj Balcar and all thanks to Jezerka. I am delighted! " Actor and theater principal Jan Hrušínský confesses.

My son gives me joy and strength

Ondřej Kavan excels as Adolf Hitler in the production It's here again! What would happen if the Nazi leader woke up alive and healthy these days? If he found himself in his war uniform in one of the Berlin parks? The game is here again! according to Timur Vermese bestseller of the same name, had premiered last year on Jezerce symbolically in the March of the 78th anniversary of the German occupation of Czechoslovakia.
"Understanding the behavior or thinking of Hitler is probably not entirely a consequence. In any case, the game itself has huge parallels with current politics, and I am extremely fond of it, " says Ondřej Kavan.

This year Ondřej Kavan celebrates his 40th birthday. Recently he was born a son whose mother is Kavan's partner Pepina Nálepková, daughter of Svetlana Nálepkova. "And my son is the most joyous present that gives me strength and does not allow me to age. So now I'm just starting to live, concludes the actor.

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