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For children, the recycling of electrical equipment is very unknown. It will help EkoEDA.

Pupils of kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools across the Czech Republic will compete from February to May to collect unnecessary or retired electrical equipment and batteries. Through the EkoEDA competition, they should learn what to do in this specific category of "litter" and how to handle it properly. As part of a special challenge, they can also sort out old mobiles or tablets to help protect the lowland gorillas in Africa through the Prague Zoo.

In general, parents have the greatest share in the environmental behavior of children and, in particular, in their respect for the environment. Children imitate and accept what they see at home. However, a parent, elementary or secondary school may also contribute a great deal in this respect to their education. The child spends quite a lot of time there. This is the reason why the two poles are trying to link the EkoEDA Ecological Competition to one another. Her idea is to motivate individual households with children to better sort waste and give it to organic recycling. In addition, the contest deliberately focuses on the field of retired electrical equipment and batteries, which is probably the most distant for children.

"The rules and principles of sorting and recycling plastic, glass, or paper are usually quite close for children. These groups of waste are more often spoken, schoolchildren are looking at containers, discussing more about them with their parents. On the other hand, retired electrical appliances or batteries are a little farther for them. This group often includes things that children do not use, or they simply do not know how they worked with them when they did. This is not a day-by-day sorting when they are forced by parents to throw a yoghurt crucible into a special basket, " explains David Vandrovec of REMA, which specializes in collecting and recycling old electrical equipment and batteries, and organizing the competition for the fourth time .

Children will bring retired electrical appliances and batteries to school, which will order a free pickup
The idea of ​​the EkoEDA competition is to bring all the right sorting and recycling processes to remanufactured electrical appliances and batteries, such as unused electrical appliances, mobile phones, keyboards and mice, portable batteries and rechargeable batteries, or old CDs and DVDs. Batteries that are not working are an object that ends very often in an ordinary basket, which is a fundamental mistake. The battery can recover a variety of precious metals, and it also contains harmful substances that can break into the soil, groundwater or air. Pupils therefore bring these products to school, and they store them in a special collection container, which gets free with registration in the Green School program. When required, the school will order a pickup, which will be provided by the organizer of the competition for free as many times as needed, from February 1 to May 22, 2018, when the contest ends.

Who slips the most? And who will become the "guardian of the forest"?

The institution where the pupils hand over the most unnecessary or retired electrical equipment and batteries after the total weight per pupil is wins. The prizes will be rewarded for them. Competitors are divided into two categories, kindergartens and primary and secondary schools. Those interested can still sign up for a special call "Become a Guardian of the Forests" organized by the Prague Zoo. Within this supplementary competition, schools may send unused cell phones and tablets to the zoo to support the lowland gorilla protection project. "Activities to protect gorillas in nature have been a priority for the Prague Zoo for many years. The proceeds from the project Become the Guardian of the Forest is going to our collection account, from which we not only support the guardian of the Dja Biosphere Reserve in Cameroon, but we also prepare educational programs for local residents, especially children. Our goal is to prevent the illegal hunting of endangered species, including the gorillas. Since the beginning of the project in 2010, we have registered nearly 62,000 mobile devices. Linking to the EkoEDA competition we welcome as an opportunity to further expand and streamline our project, " said Miroslav Bobek, Director of the Prague Zoo. The winner, who will once again remit the most retired devices after conversion to one pupil, will be able to attend an unusual experience program directly in the zoo.

More information about the competition can be found on the website of the organizer, information about the challenge at the Prague ZOO website .

Source: tz, edited editorially

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