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Green Tea: 6 beneficial effects on the heart

Green tea has since been considered a healthy but miraculous drink. His abilities to cleanse the body, prolong life or protect against cancer are discussed. Many experts have attempted to verify its effects in scientific studies. What were the conclusions?

1. Heals blood vessels

Sick arteries whose interior is affected by, for example, atherosclerosis can not be properly expanded according to the needs of our circulation. The result may be high pressure or heart attacks. Green tea, within 30 minutes of drinking, improves the ability of blood vessels to react responsibly to changes in flow. A similar effect on the artery has neither hot water nor caffeinated drink, only green tea. It could be the effects of antioxidants - flavonoids - on the cells of the inner lining of the blood vessels.

2. Reduces mortality on vascular disease

An amazing Japanese study involving more than 40,000 volunteers has shown that green tea prolongs life. When the authors looked at the results in more detail, they found that, in addition to decreasing overall mortality, cardiovascular disease mortality was also reduced - a stroke and a stroke. In contrast, the incidence of cancer deaths did not affect green tea.

3. Protects against heart attack

The Japanese study focused on fatal heart attacks. Another, this time, Dutch research has again seen the link between green tea consumption and infarct in general. It has been shown that 375 milliliters (one bigger cup) of drinks a day can reduce the risk of heart attack by up to 43%. The authors once again attributed this effect to flavonoids.

4. Helps recovery not only after the stroke

Although the damaged heart or brain is almost never "completely uncorrected", healing after heart attacks and strokes is an important process. Green tea can speed it up and encourage it. This could hide some of the substances called tannins. They are supposedly capable of blocking enzymes in the body causing death of brain and heart muscle cells.

5. Prevents atherosclerosis

Crowning of the arteries is one of the greatest health problems of modern times. Atherosclerosis is responsible for most heart attacks, strokes and many other vascular diseases. Its origin is the result of many interconnected influences. And the process by which green tea helps to prevent it may be just as complex. Tea reduces "bad" (LDL) cholesterol and other blood lipids - triglycerides. Removes aggressive free radicals from the circulation and suppresses the concentration of fibrinogen, the protein responsible for the formation of blood clots.

6. Reduces the risk of aortic enlargement

The largest artery in our body may sometimes increase due to age, various illnesses or congenital assumptions. The resulting aneurysm has a thin wall and could rupture it. Only half of the cases are fatal. One of the ingredients in green tea, polyphenol, improves the elasticity and strength of the artery wall by restoring an important building block of elastin. It could help prevent the emergence of these dangerous outbursts.

Try a mug a day

These studies are definitely not perfect and their results would still deserve verification or refinement. But they show that the words about the benefits of green tea will not be far from the truth. In fact, it seems that a daily cup of green tea - ideally of good quality, unchained and unsweetened - will show our heart and body a good service.

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