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Take care when looking for accommodation in the Czech mountains

If you are going to spend winter holidays on Czech ski slopes, you probably will not browse the catalogs of travel agencies to choose a complete trip with transport, accommodation and other services. If you "build" the holiday yourself, the law does not protect you as well as in the case of a trip that is insured, and any damages are handled by the provider. But you can save it. What to watch out for and what are your rights?

In the first place you will probably find accommodation. In the Czech environment, an accommodation agreement can be concluded simply without any formalities - for example by telephone or by e-mail. Beware, as opposed to other long distance services, you can not withdraw from the contract within 14 days without giving a reason without threatening to sanction. The Accommodation Agreement is a legitimate exception to this option.

"Of course, the accommodation can be canceled. The law allows the contract to be denounced before the time of the accommodation expires, at any time before and during the start. It does not have to be free. If the landlord is not able to find a new person, then you have to pay the damages if it is proved to have been incurred , " says Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department of the consumer organization dTest. And he explains: "If a month is not yet in the beginning of the stay, no damage will arise. However, if you decide not to arrive the day before, you must expect that the accommodation will most likely pay you full. " Pay attention to the terms of the contract, which may include the severance or cancellation requirement.

It is the responsibility of the occupier to pass the premises so that they can be used normally and undisturbed. A mountain cottage or a room must match the quality of prior arrangement. If you have been attracted to photos of beautiful rooms with a bathroom and a view of the ski slope, this information is binding for the operator . If your accommodation does not match or meet standard standards, ask for remedy. If you do not, you have the right to a discount .

The legal regulation of accommodation in the Civil Code is not very extensive, but it also includes the fact that the landlord must, at your request, take over and store valuables or money if you so request. It is responsible for the things you store, so you do not have to worry about all the staff or unwelcome guests.

The place where you spend your holiday, you can choose yourself or use the travel agencies and agencies to choose from their offer. However, keep in mind that if you are traveling by car, you do not enter a travel contract with your travel. " In order to make a tour of the legal sense, it must include at least two tourism services. So, for example, transport and accommodation, transport and ski passes and the like, " says Zeleny, adding: " The intermediary is legally responsible for ensuring that the contract is not concluded with an untrusted person. You may not even suggest signing a contract if there is any doubt that the third party will comply with the contract. If you neglected this obligation, you can claim the damages by the intermediary. " Here, too, pay attention to the conclusion of the contract , so that the intermediary with a skillful clause in the terms of the contract does not try to get rid of his responsibility in advance. The condition would be equally invalid, but it would be a fairly fair approach.

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