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Short and poor sleep adds kilos and damages the heart

Lack of sleep can work with us. What can an inappropriate sleep mode with your body do?

One is waking up to the night, or just two three hours of sleep, forcing us out of the "traffic" just for a short time. But if the lack of a long, intermittent or restless sleep is a day-to-day affair and the problems last for a long time, get ready for a number of health complications. The most serious of these include:
cardiovascular disease,
higher likelihood of obesity,
development of diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

A one-time episode of too short a sleep reminds of mood, the ability to concentrate, to react briskly and briskly. The condition quickly adjusts as soon as we sleep well, but the regular lack of sleep will mainly affect the health of the heart. The rise in blood pressure can be observed in both healthy, sleeping and insomnia patients who are already being treated with high blood pressure.

How tire sleep is related

For the heart, too much weight is the burden. And it just kila in addition to long-term lack of sleep is directly related.
International studies show that sleep shorter than 6 hours increases the likelihood of an increase in body mass index (BMI). On the contrary, eight-hour night rest is an ideal prerequisite for maintaining the right BMI.
In sleep, the body excretes hormones that regulate appetite, metabolism, and regulate blood sugar levels. Lack of sleep disturbs these body processes and, among other things, increases insulin hormone production. Increased insulin levels are associated with weight gain and are a risk factor for the development of obesity and diabetes.
The low level of leptin hormone is another consequence of too short a sleep. Leptin is all the more important if we want to keep it normal. It is precisely the leptin that gives the brain a signal that the body has received enough food. In the absence of leptin, the brain carries the "weir," even though the required dose of calories has long been filled.

Sleep! You will live longer

A sufficiently long sleep is important for the overall regeneration of the organism even in the fight against inflammations and diseases.
Night rest less than 5 hours increases the risk of premature death by up to 15%.
Quality sleep promotes mental health and helps prevent depression and anxiety.

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