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Botanical Garden opens its archive ...

St. Vinotéka sv. This year, Klara has prepared several novelties that will undoubtedly delight all wine lovers. Last February Saturday, visitors will have a unique opportunity to sample wines from the St. Vincent's archive. Clara as part of a worldwide event called Evening when you open the bottle.

Wines from the monumentally protected vineyard of St. Claras are becoming more and more popular with both the visitors of the Troja Botanical Garden and the professional public. This is evidenced by many awards from competitions not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. For example, the National Wine Competition - Wine Region of Bohemia won in 2017 wines from the Botanical Garden of Prague. Prague in the category of pink and straw wines. "Last year, Vinothek of St. Clara of record sales, the highest since its opening. We appreciate the growing interest of the visitors and for this reason we have prepared a number of new events for them this year, in the form of special tasting and new events, " says Bohumil Černý, head of the Botanical Garden in Prague. m. Prague.

"The evening when you open the bottle" for the first time in the vineyard of St. Clara

Wine lovers should mark the last Saturday in February in their calendar. It is the day when special bottles of wine are opened all over the world that have been lying in archives preserved for special occasions. Everyone has a special bottle somewhere at home, which she saves, whether because she is dear, she's an old year, or she's got nice memories. Years it plans to taste, but it will never open it ... That is why since 1999, the Evening is celebrating the last Saturday afternoon, when you open the flask (Open that bottle night), a worldwide holiday of friends, family and memories. This year, for the first time, it will be held on the vineyard of St. Clara.

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