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The number of victims of January traffic accidents increased after three years

During the first month of this year, the Czech Police investigated a total of 8,111 traffic accidents, in which 40 people died, another 138 were seriously injured and 1,723 lightly injured. Compared to January 2017, 516 (or 6 per cent) less were investigated, but unfortunately the number of their victims was significantly increased by 10, or equal to one third. Also, 44 ​​(47%) more injured were severely injured and 199 (13%) increased the number of slightly injured.

The number of casualties increased from 2015 to 2017, reaching the same level as in 2014. "The lower number of accidents investigated and, on the other, the higher number of deaths, the fact that this January was considerably warmer than in the previous year. Less snow on the roads means that there are fewer accidents, but because drivers are driving faster, the consequences of collisions are more serious, " says Roman Budsky of the Road Safety Team. The most dead were in 1994 (117 in total); on the other hand, the most favorable January statistics were in 2016 with 27 deaths.

As a result of the accident, 22 passengers died in a passenger car (5 more year-on-year) and 14 pedestrians. "Pedestals were six more in comparison with January last year, with only one of them perishing with their own fault," remarks Roman Budsky. At a great distance there are one passenger in a lorry, bus, bus driver and cyclist.

The guilt of motor vehicle drivers killed 39 people, one fatal accident caused by a pedestrian. A more detailed view of accident statistics has shown that 31 people have died of car drivers, another 5 mistakes of truck drivers and 1 bus driver's fault. Another 2 fatal cases went to the drivers who had been cowardly since the accident. There was no such case in January 2017.

He was dying mainly on the roads outside the village. Here live 29 people, 9 more than last year. In the villages, the remaining 11 people were killed, and there was an increase in the statistics by 1 case. The most dead (19) were in accidents that occurred on wet roads. Another 18 fatal cases have been drowned. "Even though it was January, snow or ice had only 3 dead, which is half compared to the same period of last year. Drivers on slippery roads drive more cautiously and slower. The likelihood that the accident ends up being fatal was twice as low as dry and even 2.7 times lower than on a wet surface, " adds Roman Budsky. Less than 25 people died, the remaining 15 died per day, when visibility was not impaired by weather conditions.

In three regions, the number of deaths fell year on year

While in the whole Czech Republic the number of accident victims grew year on year, in three regions, on the other hand, there was a decrease (Jihočeský, Plzeňský and Zlínský regions) and the situation in Vysočina was the same. Most often they died in the Central Bohemian region (6 victims), Plzeňský (5 deaths), and Moravskoslezský, Olomoucký and Pardubický (the same four dead). On the other hand, the most favorable statistics of January fatal accidents were in Vysočina, Liberec and Karlovy Vary (after 1 dead). The number of seriously injured in the Central Bohemian Region (last year's 7 at this year's 43) has increased considerably, as a result of the tragic collision of a bus with a passenger car at Horoměřice.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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