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You will keep your mental well-being and physics with exercise

Being active is very important for people with haemophilia. Any difficulty and difficulty associated with blood clotting disorder and its treatment may be even more tolerable even for the slightly trained body. However, choosing the right thing is essential.

The benefits of exercise are generally known. In people with haemophilia, benefits are virtually different. Physical activities:
help maintain optimal body weight,
promote endurance,
strengthen the skeletal muscles.

For people with haemophilia, exercise has a special meaning in helping to prevent bleeding. That's why regular haemophilia is vital for the haemophilia.

Body in shape

Strong and flexible muscles. Regular physical activity promotes muscle strength and flexibility. The positive effect of strengthening is also transmitted to joints, specifically helping to prevent bleeding and joint damage.
Overall comfort. Exercise is an excellent tool for suppressing fatigue. It supports the overall condition of the organism and one feels fit and full of energy. Motion is also a great way to get rid of stress and relax your mind.
The right weight. In addition, or even obesity, the joints cause undue pressure on the joints, which damages them. By thawing this pressure decreases. Body weight gains in importance, especially as one ages. With age, the joints gradually wear out, and excessive stress only supports this process.
Balance and coordination. Muscles control joint functioning. Better cooperation between the joints and muscles will ensure better movement and result in more stable stability and body coordination.
Self-esteem and self-confidence . Sport or other regular activity can help increase self-confidence. In addition, it also affects the integration of man into society.

There is no doubt that regular exercise positively affects the body, both at physical, mental and social level. And what activities are suitable for haemophiliacs? Physicians recommend swimming, table tennis, walking, fishing, dancing, badminton, sailing, golf, bowling and cycling.


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