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Do you follow the vaccination schedule? Incomplete vaccination does not protect

Discontinue the vaccination that has already begun, consisting of multiple doses, and not to complete it is dangerous and irresponsible. Just like refusing or delaying the entire vaccination. This is illustrated by the example of a four-year-old patient from Atlanta.

Parents of a small boy decided to discontinue the entire process and vaccinate after the first dose of black cough vaccination. They have undergone the influence of misleading information on the undesirable effects of vaccination. Believing that they are making the right decisions and protecting their son from the risks of vaccination, they have placed him at a much more serious risk - black cough with a complicated course .

Unnecessary suffering

The boy was ill at age four and suffered from a severe cough. These have progressively worsened and led to repeated hospitalizations. The cough was also associated with vomiting, severe breathing difficulties and other complications. All fortunately had a good end and the boy recovered from the black cough. But for the whole family it was a very unpleasant experience. Other childhood vaccinations were completed with their son in full and completed properly. Based on their own experience today, they point to imbalances in vaccine information. In particular, the lack of emphasis on the severity of the diseases to be vaccinated and the risk of vaccination in some sources.

Black cough at five points

Black cough (pertussis) is a highly contagious disease, which also occurs in advanced European countries. Transmitted by droplet infection.
The origin of the bacterium is Bordetella pertussis, which causes inflammation and tissue damage in the respiratory tract.
Diseases may include complications such as pneumonia, middle ear inflammation, cramps or hernia.
On our territory, regular vaccination was initiated in 1958 and the number of cases of black cough began to decline rapidly.
Immunization after vaccination, however, with increasing age gradually decreases. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to regular recruitment in adulthood. Adults who have a mild cough may be a source of infection for infants who have not yet been vaccinated. For these children, the disease is very serious.

Author: Mgr. Petra Kováčová
Source: U lékař

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