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Before the wedding, it is also worthwhile solving financial issues

Maybe this Valentine's Day was for some of you the day you've been waiting for. Your dear half cut a bouquet of red roses to the city's finest restaurant to knelt before you and, in front of the eyes of surprised guests, she uttered the mystical phrase: "Will you marry me?"

... Then she removed a black velvet box from the pocket of her upcoming suit, which contained nothing but a walnut-sized brilian ring. You have wiped out the tear of that unexpected event, and have made the tension in your space a YES. Everybody started to applaud, wiping tears of emotion and banging your champagne ...

And you already talked about money?

Whatever your request for a hand has done so or otherwise, in any case, you have decided to join this marriage year this year. But did you deal with financial matters together? Maybe you do not spoil the romantic moments before the wedding by discussing something as ground-breaking as the money. Or you may feel like you always talk to your partner, you are happy.

An old proverb says that if you want to laugh at God, tell him about your plans, but still it pays to have at least a basic idea of ​​how you and your partner think about the future, what plans do you have and what role they play in these financial considerations . Perhaps you are automatically counting on spending your finances, going to company, having dinner, taking a vacation to the sea every year, living in a small apartment building, and sometimes in a few years, when you are born a baby, you rent something bigger .

But he can think of preferring to spend the next five years all the free time and savings to build a house so that once your children can grow up in a spacious dwelling and spend time in a garden with a brick barbecue and strawberry strawberries.

Tip: If you have not already done so, try to have fun with your partner and your dreams and plans for the future, whether you plan a baby, think about your career, vacation or where you want to live in 10 years. You get an idea of ​​how you need to access finance to make your plans come true.

Shared account or everyone on your sandbox?

A common life does not necessarily mean canceling a separate account and transferring all money to one "married". There are many variants to marry in marriage. For example, you can split your spending or set up a single joint account that will save your household or holiday finance and keep your current accounts at your "pocket money".

However, keep in mind the great life events, such as the first years of childcare, or even unpleasant matters such as longer illness or loss of work. In such cases, as a rule, one of the partners is forced to finance the entire household. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a sufficient margin in the joint account or rely on the reserve on the partner account.

Tip: Agree with your partner in advance on how much you will be involved in household spending. Try to figure out how you would handle the situation if one of you were to be eliminated for a shorter or longer time from the work process. Prevent unpleasant surprises and unnecessary quarrels over money, in addition to stress.

Together you can experience "golden times"

However, marriages bring not only new obligations but also savings options in connection with finance, some of which may not be quite obvious at first glance. For example, you can save a lot of money by optimizing the amount of the phone plan or paying the loan. "Thanks to the so-called partnership consolidation, couples living in a joint household can merge all the loans of both partners into one, earning lower interest and a monthly installment. It saves money for the whole family, " says Cyril Křupal of Cofidis.

So you can start making your plans for a while before you leave everything as they are, and just start a piggy bank with your partner. Another undisputed advantage is the variety of events and offers of 1 + 1, which mainly offer cultural facilities or restaurants, as well as special products designed for spouses, such as in the field of finance such as a partnership or a newly married loan.

Tip: Review contracts from mobile operators and your financial products. Everywhere you can find great savings. When choosing new products, always look for actions or special menus directly for spouses.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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