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JazzFestBrno: McCaslin, Cohen and Home Peaks. Even the film premiere.

The JazzFestBrno Festival has brought visitors two powerful musical experiences in the form of a concert by trumpeter Wynton Marsalis with the big band Jazz at the Lincoln Center Orchestra and the hopelessly sold solo recital of pianist Brada Mehldau. The main program, however, will start until March 15 through the concert of saxophonist Donny McCaslin, who also recorded his latest album with David Bowie.

Other foreign stars will include Israeli bassist and singer Avishai Cohen , American guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel with Brazilian music influenced by the Caipi project or his compatriot, charismatic drummer Omar Hakim . He has collaborated with the greatest musicians such as Sting, Madonna, Lionel Ritchie or Daft Punk. An unconventional combination of jazz and accordion will be offered by the French elegance Vincent Peirani , the legend of jazz pianist Kenny Barron will come to Brno for the first time, and a great concert will be given to the final concert of the festival, which will be held on May 10 by Christiana McBride's newly-acclaimed bassist Chrismas McBride .

In front of this rich musical program, however, the organizers prepared a unique prologue on March 13th. "For the first time in the seventeen year history of the festival, we are organizing a film night and will be the Czech premiere. At the Theater at the Theater at the Husa na provázku Theater, we will screen a documentary feature film about one of the greatest personalities not only of Czech but also of world jazz, called Miroslav Vitouš - a jazz legend , " says Art Director of the festival Vilém Spilka.
The documentary was broadcast for the first time in December by Czech Television, but the festival will be premiered to see a longer directorial version. Following the screening will be followed by a talk with director Petr Kanka and other guests.

The main part of the JazzFest in Brno will bring over twenty concert evenings over two dozen artists from abroad as well as home theater.
For example, the main protagonist of the film is the protagonist of the film, double bass player Miroslav Vitouš , who plays on March 23 in Huse on a string with pianist Emil Viklický . The pianist and composer Emil Viklický is a visible figure of the domestic musical scene. His synthetic approach has already exceeded the limits of jazz and is in great form at the seventy. Before that season, the group will play three sets of jazz generation Vít Křišťan, Oskar Török and Jiří Slavík . Their debut album was released a few weeks ago at Animal Music.

The last one will be the next evening, as March 24 will also take place in the Bousse on the String for both concerts in the evening. He first plays piano and double bass in duo with American drummer and singer Doug Hammond . Afterwards, the multiinstrumentalist Jiří Slavík, in addition to the double bass and piano, will take on clarinet, violin and singing, and together with Marian Friedl and the artistic ensemble Ondráš will present the project " Mateřština" , for which he was also awarded the Angel Award.

The Goose on the String Theater hosts other interesting concerts from the domestic and Slovak scene. "After Easter and the Avisha Cohen concert, we are waiting for a Czechoslovak weekend. Spectators can look forward to the band Blue Shadows, bass player Tomas Liska, saxophonist Radovan Tarišek and trumpeter Lukáš Oravce, "spiles Spilka.

In the band Blue Shadows, there are distinguished artists from different musical worlds. At the instigation of the composer of film music and guitarist Petr Ostrouhov they met for the first time during the recording of their music to the television ministry called Blue Shadows. The collaboration with the improvised band was so appealing that she decided to reunite after a few months again and make a full-featured album that features a style of work on film music where the themes that are prepared alternate with improvisation "on the picture".

Tirelessly searching for new sounds and colors Tomáš Liška, in conjunction with Serbian accordion player Nikola Zarić , Turkish violinist Ef Turumtay and Czech colleagues Kamil Slezák and David Dorůžka, is able to combine fragility and warmth, thoughtfulness and spontaneity, so it is no wonder his Invisible Faces is currently nominated for the Angel Award. Slovak bandmasters also have an international character.

Radovan Tariška joins forces with top Russian trumpeter Alex Sipiagin, Venezuelan pianist Benito Gonzalez and American bass player Essiete Okon Essie. A foreign guest was also invited by Lukáš Oravec. In his quartet behind the piano, Aaron Goldberg, a well-known artist from the cradle of the jazz.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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