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GusGus introduces the new album Lies Are More Flexible on Colors of Ostrava

Icelandic electronic legend GusGus is releasing its tenth album, Lies Are More Flexible. The formation, led by the founding tandem - frontman Daníg Ágúst and Biggi Veira - will present the album at this year's Colors of Ostrava.

The album, which contains eight songs, is based on a four-year studio break. As its first tasting, GusGus launched the single Featherlight, a hype-epic hypnotic song that became, for example, the most downloaded song in iTunes in Sweden.

GusGus honors Kompakt or 4AD labels from their own prehistoric premiere , under which they release such icons as The National, Future Islands or Pixies. At the head of GusGus are currently two founding members, the frontman Daníg Ágúst and Biggi Veira, but in the beginning, the whole progressive group was read by twelve heads, such as the singer Emilian Torrini.

If you want GusGus to define sound and genre, you have to unleash the pure facts and your own listening and viewing fantasies. In the nine studio adventures you hear a graduating techno shrink, dense and darker house, and explosions of pop euphoria. Their work acts as a self-conscious excursion to the various dimensions of electronic and dance music. None of this is superficial or overly academic.
GusGus is an interdisciplinary group of versatile personalities, but primarily a genius-built machine with the power to sneak up an entertaining audiovisual show that blends past with the future, Icelandic coldness with a straightforward desire to conquer all the dance floor of the world.

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