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Let's go home to the Czech Lion!

Krizacek, Baba z ledu, Po strzosti bos, Špína, Svět podle Daliborka, Červená a další ... The Czech Lion has nominated 15 films this year and most of them can now be seen online at The event, organized in cooperation with the Czech Film and Television Academy (ČFTA), runs from February 26 to March 11 and features eight feature films, one animated document and four documentaries that competed in the Czech Lion finals.

"I am very pleased that people now have the opportunity to watch Czech films nominated for the Czech Lion, in addition to the time when some of them are no longer distributed in cinemas." One of ČFTA's long-term wishes is to make Czech film available to the public. cooperation with DAFilms is now successful, and I believe that it will create an archive of quality Czech films that people will be able to return to, "says director of the Czech Film and Television Academy, Tereza Rychnovská.

The portal, dedicated to the popularization and distribution of Czech and foreign mostly documentary films, offers thirteen of the fifteen nominated films for streaming or downloading for two weeks . DAFilms, in collaboration with ČFTA, organizes a joint event to make the nominated films online for the tenth, this year for the first time, it is part of the documentary as well as feature films.

"The Czech Lion always maps Czech film production for the past year. Our goal in this collaboration is to make nominated films available on a single platform so that viewers themselves can evaluate their personal favorite across all nominations, " adds Diana Tabakov, DAFilms' acquisition manager.

From Svěrák to Nvot

In this jubilee 25th year of the Czech Lions, five films were nominated in the Best Film category. The tragicomedy of director and screenwriter Bohdan Sláma, Baba of Ice , which has been awarded for example at the Tribeca New York Film Festival, has received the most "Lion" nominations this year - a chance to win fifteen awards in thirteen categories including Best Film, Screenplay, Direction, and costumes or masks. The second most successful film in the series is Svěrák's family drama narrated by children's eyes. After the stinking bos with thirteen nominations, including scenography and music. The third highest number of nominations was the historical drama of David Mrnka about the Milada Horáková Milada fate, fourth place with nine nominations, the Karlovy Vary winner - the meditative road of Václav Kadrnka Křižáček . After eight nominations, it won Quartet and Miroslav Krobot feature debut Teresa Nvotová dirt.
Several nominations in various categories were also filmed by eight films of madness (directed by Marta Nováková), Lajka (directed by Aurel Klimt) and two parts of the Gardening: Desert and Family Friend trilogy (directed by Jan Hřebejk).

Documentary joy

In the traditionally strong category of documents, five distinct titles have been finalized. The portrait of the actress and opera singer Soni Červená, whose life remarkably reflects the history of Europe of the 20th century, has been filmed under the name of Red Olga Sommerová. Czech Journal - The Border of Labor is an investigative probe for the lowest-paid jobs, already awarded at the Jihlava IDFF, whose author is Apolena Rychlíková. A new look at former Slovak politics is brought by Meciar Tereza Nvotová, a look at the life and career of the main personality of Czech popular music is the film Let Me Sing the Mistress of director Jitka Němcová. The fifth nominee is the portrait of the neo-Nazis " World by Daliborka" by Vita Klusák.
The Czech Lion Online event runs from 26 February to 11 March.

List of images featured on DAFilms:

Madam of Ice (r. Bohdan Sláma)
After the stubble bos
(Jan Svěrák)
Milada (David Mrnka)
Crusader (Václav Kadrnka)
Dirt (Tereza Nvotová)
8 heads of madness (Marta Nováková)
Lajka (Aurel Klimt)
Gardening: Dessert (Jan Hřebejk)
Gardening: Family Friend (Jan Hřebejk)
Red (Olga Sommerová)
Czech Journal - The Border of Work
(dir. Apolena Rychlíková)
Let me sing Mišík (Jitka Němcová)
World by Daliborka (Vít Klusák)

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