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A stiff back can signal a serious problem

If you have a sore back, you do not have to be a "houser". It can also mean that rheumatic disease has been triggered in your spine. What can reveal how things really are?

When the culprit is the inflammation

Many people complain about the pain and stiffness of their backs. But the pain is not always the same. When is it good to stay focused and what differences should I focus on?
Common back problems occur around about forty and later. Problems of rheumatic origin are particularly troublesome for young people.
When you simply "move your back", they are stiff and sore for a few days, and then the condition improves. Intensity of stiffness varies slightly over the day, and relaxation can ease the difficulty. In an inflammatory condition, you become stiff and sick for months, most in the morning. Relaxation does not give relief, on the contrary, it may get worse.
Rheumatic difficulties respond very well to warmth and warmth - far better than so-called "houser". However, after rinsing and tranquility, rheumatic pain is recovered relatively quickly. When you manage to allow a "houser", it is rarely an hour back.

Nobody is safe

Spondylartritis can affect anyone. Whether they are experienced rheumatism, or a completely healthy individual. The disease can be mild and easily treatable or not. Rapid progressive severe forms of rheumatoid spondylitis pose a threat of early disability and should begin to fully heal as soon as possible. It does not mean, however, that other causes of back pain can be taken lightly. For example, discarded intervertebral discs and other similar backbone problems must also be resolved in a timely manner.

What to do?

If you have problems that could be an image of rheumatic inflammation of the spine, do not look for solutions yourself. Visit the rheumatologist as soon as possible. Under his guidance and effective overall treatment, it is only the right time to choose the right exercise or to test gel pads or sauna. You will not stop the rhyme yourself. Make sure your doctors and work consistently with your treatment.

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