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Queen of Kapeska

Only the best of the best have been able to collaborate on Queen Kapeska's fairy tale musical, which will be premiered at the Hybernia Theater on March 7th. Judge by yourself: Martina Pártlová, Jana Zenáhlíková, Peter Strenáčik, David Granský, Anna Julie Slováčková, Michaela Sejnová, Gabriela Partyšová, Michaela Nosková, Ernesto Čekan and many other star names are on the list of performers of the new musical Královna Kapeska.

The Queen of Kapeska is a free continuation of the very successful, popular, author's musical " Honey drop for Verunka" , which was attended by more than 120,000 spectators. Again, we will go to a fairy tale island, where this time will save the life of Kapes, the Queen of the Natural Forces, and we will all hope that KTS, Kates, the King of the Dark Powers will lose their struggle to dominate the world, and that everything will go well the fairy tale is right and belongs.

"Today there is a lot of musicals on the domestic scene and the viewer has a choice of many domestic and foreign / licensed works. That is why it is essential that the emerging musicals are perfect in every detail. It is necessary to have excellent authors (story, music, lyrics), director, sound master, stage and light expert and especially excellent actors, singers and dancers. We've put together the best of the best. Everything must fit in correctly so that we can get a unique musical work in every respect. The drop of honey for Verunka was so unique and we firmly believe that her sequel to "Queen of the Kapeska" will be just as successful, "
says producer Lenka Pixová.

For the creation of "Kapesky" stands the well-written script duo of husband Alena and Jan Pix , composed by Tomáš Beran, lyrics by Christina Pixová . Directed by Juraj Čiernik with assistant director Ivana Korolová , Petra Parvoničová choreographed .
But that is not the list of professionals exhausted, we must also mention Pavel Dautovský (light design), Petr Ackerman (sound design), Martin Černý (scene), Eugene Rage (costume designer).

In the cast of Queen Kapesky you will find many faces already known from the musical "Kapka honey" for Verunka, but also the faces completely new.

"I am very excited about the musical itself. And especially for collaborating with a director I know from Alice in the region of miracles as a wonderful actor and man. I am sure that the test will be amazing and I believe that the resulting musical will be amazing both for our actors and the audience, "
said Anna Julie Slováčková.

"I play a beautiful role, I love the songs I sing in the musical, we will play again with Jirka Zonyga, it will be directed by Juraj Čiernik and Ivanka Korolova. I believe it will be just as beautiful a fairytale as the Honey drop for Verunka. That's all the reason why I look forward to the role of Queen Kapes in a new musical, "
Martin Partlová said.

"The musicals of the Pix family have a certain poeticism that does not exist in other Czech works. I appreciate the bids to direct Queen Kapesk, who builds on their first work. I am convinced that we have chosen the best cast of roles and I look forward to working with actors, "
said director Juraj Čiernik.

"It's interesting how everyone is looking forward to testing,"
the authors of the musical spoke to Pix. "A couple of years ago, for most of our actors, testing at school was stressful, and today they are all looking forward to it. For us, it is very pleasant and encouraging. We hope our strength will last. "

Source: tz, edited editorially

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