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An interpreter with Jiří Menzel enters Czech cinemas

Today, March 15th, new cinematography by Martin Šulík, an interpreter with Jiří Menzel and Peter Simonischek, plays in the main roles.

We offer you a short video with Jiří Menzel, which was created during the filming of this film. The principal representative admits: "I appreciate actors and actors, if they are really actors and personalities, but I am an amateur actor. I came to that fate by chance. And I need more actors than I am. But it's a nice change, and I like watching colleagues doing it, " said Jiří Menzel. Other memories can be found on the video.

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The Interpreter's film premiered at Berlinale's prestigious Berlinale Film Festival, where he was featured in the Berlinale Special section of the program, which features exceptional cinematographic productions and tributes to world filmmakers. He listened to the warm reception of the audience as well as the critics' attention. Renowned reviewer Jessica Kiang for Variety magazine, for example, wrote:
"... the delicacy and elegance of the film, the impassivity of Šulík's distinctive script and the excellent chemistry between two main actors, Peter Simonischko (Toni Erdmann) and Jiří Menzel (the director of the film Tracks closely watched) give the Translator a respectable meaning and weight that inconspicuously, but he moves strongly with the viewer. "

The interpreter is a road movie about two peculiar men who have brought together an absurd situation that makes them, and perhaps despite, go out to find the truth about their own past. The common pilgrimages include bizarre encounters, humorous situations, but also the knowledge of the past and present, which will not always be pleasant.

In addition to Jiří Menzel in the title role of the ascetic interpreter Ali, the role of an Austrian teacher, bonvivan with weakness for women and alcohol, starred Austrian actor Peter Simonischek, Felix Award Holder for Best European Actor in 2016 in comedy Toni Erdmann, nominated Oscar for Best Foreign film. Besides the main actor couple, Zuzana Mauréry, Attila Mokos, and the famous Slovak comedian Evelyn alias Eva Kramer will be featured in the film Translator.

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