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How to replace walnuts properly so that nothing is missing in the body

Nuts are a highly valued and nutritionally valuable food. But if you have to avoid them with an arc because of an allergy, you should know what to replace them appropriately so you do not need to worry about their beneficial substances unnecessarily.

Generally, there is talk about nut allergy, but the more appropriate definition is shell nut allergy. Unfortunately, only about half of allergens respond to only one type of nuts, the other half can withstand virtually none. Allergy is life-long. Problems with allergens are often also caused by edible chestnuts and legumes in the form of groundnuts - peanuts.

Nuts, and hence sources of allergens, include not only hazelnuts, walnuts or cashews, but also pistachios, almonds, macadams or Brazil nuts. Interestingly, most allergens do not harm coconut or pine nuts - pine nuts .

The more nuts to replace

Oatmeal - Season oatmeal flakes and use for baking instead of nuts.
Try to make coconut or pine nuts the right choice for you. However, consult your allergologist first.
Potato flour - When baking candy you can try using this gluten-free flour, it has more nut flavor.
With a snapper - if you like crunching, you can get a little shit in muesli or yoghurt. It has a nutty flavor, and when it's not heat-treated, it really tastes like nuts.

How to get beneficial nuts from other foods

Nuts are valued for their content of high-quality fats, especially healthy beneficial unsaturated fatty acids, some amino acids and minerals. They also contain fat-soluble vitamin E.

Instead of nuts, try flax, hemp, pumpkin or sesame seeds and their oils. Put cold pressed oils, such as olive oil or wheat germ oil into your diet. Vegetable amino acids can also be obtained in the form of protein from legumes.

A major role in allergy diet should also play fish or fish fat consumption due to the content of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. However, fish and fish fat should be included in their diet regularly by every non allergic allergic person.

Author: Veronika Hanzlíková
Source: U lékař

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