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How to Irritated Eyes: Tips for herbs to help

The most common cause of irritated or red eyes is that allergy starts in the spring months. However, redness and burning can also cause infections or long monitors. From eye irritation, it will not only relieve eye drops, but also, for example, clowns and herringbone. Eye infections can help bilberry, leafy vegetables, but also fish consumption.

Irritated eyes from the monitor soothe herbal tiles

Long-term monitoring of your computer monitor has become an integral part of the regular working day of many employees. Eye irritation due to their stress on screens often accompanies headaches and blurred vision. Prevent these difficulties by mitigating the radiation of the monitor and also keeping the distance from 55 to 65 cm from the monitor. Equally important are regular pauses. Approximately every half an hour you should enjoy your eyes for a few minutes of rest. Turn the view from the monitor and look out of the window, or look around the room. Helps gaze into the green, so your eyes will be a short walk during the day.

The herbs and buds of tin buds can also help with lighter irritation. "The first choice for eye problems is a blueberry gemmoterapeutikum. It acts as a disinfectant, improves vision by directly affecting the retina and the optic nerve. According to Chinese medicine, eyes with the liver co-operate, so all herbal remedies for liver enhancement are also appropriate. We will also see the eyebrow, the schizander and the juniper, " explains the herbalist Jarmila Podhorná.

Relief with tired eyes will also bring herbal extracts, which can be sipped as a tea and used as a soothing tile. "She cleanses the face of a medical skylight that can be drunk or used as a lining or eye drops. Also, the trowel of the rape leaves of the medical spear encourages tired eyes, and it also acts anti-inflammatory. To improve the quality of vision, tinnitus from the Chinese lap cloth is also appropriate, removing feelings of fatigue, " says herbalist Jarmila Podhorná, adding: " The headaches that the tired eyes accompany will help relieve the tinnitus dirtiness. It reduces tension in the head, supports peripheral blood circulation and has calming effects. "

Do not underestimate the infection or treat them with blueberries or cabbage

In practice, the ophthalmologist's surgery is the most common practice in infections dominated by conjunctivitis. Infections cause bacteria, viruses or yeasts. Inflammation is accompanied by redness and itching, but more severe symptoms such as eye pain, purulence or light sensitivity may occur. In general, eye inflammation should be investigated by a physician, since in severe cases it may lead to permanent damage to sight.

We can also use some foods that positively influence our eyesight as a support for treatment and prevention. Surely you have heard in the childhood that you have to eat carrots to see well. According to experts, however, there are significantly more foods that have a positive effect on our eyes. For example, blueberries improve immunity and act against infections. Spinach, cabbage and other leafy vegetables contain beneficial substances lutein and zeaxanthin that protect the retina of the eye. As a precaution, it is sufficient if you put them in the diet once a week, it is recommended to eat them twice or three times a week during the illness. In dry eyes and in order to maintain good eyesight, consumption of cold fish such as cod, tuna or mackerel is appropriate.

Allergia can also cause air conditioning, its symptoms will be reduced by black currant and echinacea
Almost every other allergy, allergies have eye symptoms. Our eyes respond to allergens, such as pollen, mold, animal fur or mites. However, an allergic reaction can also cause air conditioning, excessive dust or polluted air. Allergens cause conjunctival irritation, and therefore eyes burn, itch and swell. In the acute phase, antihistamines are most commonly used, and eye drops are flushed to relieve irritation. The ointment will also relieve the already mentioned herbal extracts. In their case, however, be careful that they are free of herbs, which could even irritate your eyes.

Since allergies arise due to immune system disorders, herbs that have a beneficial effect on our immune system can also help. "In the case of allergies, the whole body needs to be strengthened, and especially the activity of the pancreas, which can help us extract the sponge fungus. Against allergies helps fight blackcurrant tincture with betaglucan, which is a powerful antioxidant against free radicals, " says herbalist Jarmila Podhorná. "Echinacea herbs, red lapacho or licorice, which in addition eliminate undesirable viruses and bacteria in the body, are best suited to enhancing the body's resistance," she adds.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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