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Lupenka destroys nails too - where to look for help?

Psoriasis also affects nails in addition to the skin. Well-done manicure and pedicure are the basic care of hands and feet. If you want to take advantage of professional services, first learn in the salon what they can offer.

Stop being ashamed

For some people, nail detection is unimaginable in public. The nails of these people can shake, peel off, they are yellowish in color and their surface is covered with small holes. They are affected by psoriasis. If you suffer from psoriasis, it is up to 50% risk of nails being affected. Good care can, however, be achieved with great results.

Will not it be worse?

The overall treatment for psoriasis can greatly improve the appearance of nails. Nevertheless, they may not always look perfect. Many women therefore think about visiting salons and professional nail polish. Is that safe? Specialists for treating psoriasis agree - varnishing nails will not help but their condition does not deteriorate. In addition, the use of a varnish can enhance a woman's self-esteem. So if the manicure or pedicure is what you want, try them out.

Get in the salon

Although people's awareness of psoriasis grows, let's make sure in advance that the salon staff are used to working with nails affected by psoriasis. Otherwise, the situation may be that they may refuse to treat you. Psoriasis may resemble a fungal infection that is highly contagious. The skin and nails of a human with psoriasis are very sensitive. However, you do not have to worry about the specialist - before and after each customer, your tools will be thoroughly disinfected so that no infection can get into your skin and nails. Nails do not require any special care, but beware of the long soaking of feet in the water - it's not good for psoriasis. Take care of the following thorough moisturizing cream.

How to care for your nails

Important is softness and caution - any injury can make psoriasis worse.
Short nails are always better than long.
If you suspect any infection, omit the varnish and start therapy.
Nail treatment is a long-distance course. Be patient and keep in mind that it may take even half a year to improve.

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