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What is the dependency? The environment that surrounds us

There are a number of factors influencing the risk of developing addiction. For example, some of the genes inherited from the ancestors can cause a higher desire for feelings associated with drug use. But the genes are not far from everything.

A large part of the guilt on the possible development of addiction has, among other things, the environment that surrounds us.

1. Family

The influence of a family is often perceived as the effect of inherited attributes. However, the family also commonly represents a large part of our social background. It plays an important role in personality development and creates some form of background, that is, home. It is, therefore, natural that family problems, such as the occurrence of violent inclinations, excessive gossip or substance abuse by other members, may contribute to the emergence or maintenance of addiction.

2. Friends and acquaintances

It is said that friends are a family that one can choose. To a certain extent, it is true - when a real family does not work, it often replaces (especially young people) buddies. They also have a considerable influence on the attitude of the individual towards drug use. According to research, alcohol addicts or other drug addicts increase the risk of addiction most of all possible factors. The individual's desire to enter at least a party is a big part here, when it does not work at home. On the other hand, the support of friends may be a strong motivation to quit.

3. School and work

While we are looking for and choosing our friends, it is not possible for our classmates and colleagues. Although relationships in these spheres are much less personal, they can be the way people get to drugs. Especially if these substances are a common part of the environment.

4. Company

The overall attitude of society to individual drugs also affects the risk of addiction. More specifically, they are available. Drugs that are accepted by the company (alcohol, tobacco, some opioids) may be considered unconsciously part of the population less dangerous than strictly prohibited drugs.

When treating or preventing dependence, it is important to know about the effect of the above-mentioned factors. If pressure is directed towards drug use, it is necessary to get rid of unwanted influence.

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