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The Czechs are a nation of marshmallows! We read more than 2,000 "tatrove" meals daily!

It's not just how much we eat, but what we eat. The Czechs, thanks to their high weight, hold in the statistics the front row between the so-called "metraku". The Czech Statistical Office reported data from Eurostat showing that 48% of women and 63% of men are overweight. It may also be a lifestyle that has made us considerably denser thanks to modern times.

The fact is also that we eat more than our real need. But the Czechs should consider not only whether they have enough movement but also the quality of the food they buy.

Despite the fact that the composition of the Czech diet has changed for the better and the interest in quality food is growing in recent years, we remain one of the most affluent peoples. It is important that our diet is rich in nutrients and that we are able to choose really high-quality products in the store. The inclusion of more fruits, vegetables, fish and lean meat is a matter of course. So if you occasionally ask questions like "Is it better to make yeast or yeast?" Or "How do I know cheese substitutes ?" Or "How do you choose ketchup and how many tomatoes should it be?", Then go to www.akademiekvality .com, where you will find not only answers to a number of questions, but also summary food information and quality labels.

What we eat and how we care about ourselves will logically reflect on the quality of our lives and most of all on health. It is not far from the truth that eating a few tattles of food before a person grows up. The data from the Czech Statistical Office show that every year Czechs consume about 785.6 kg of food while the total food consumption in the Czech Republic is still rising.

Most people associate quality food with quality labels. This also affects shopping and consumer awareness. What do they represent the most like food quality? Mainly freshness and minimal additives and artificial substitutes. The best known brand of quality amongst consumers is according to the STEM / MARK survey of 2017 Klasa - its first prize was 89% (for the supported knowledge). Followed by the Regional Food label. The research also shows that about half of shoppers prefer Czech food to foreign ones and that the perception of the quality of Czech products has improved over the past few years. In TOP 10 Czech brands, consumers have just ranked the Klasa brand as one of the most famous.

Do you know how much it is about one person a year?

Milk differs amongst themselves in terms of fat content and treatment. Drink annually and use about 60 liters of drinking milk.
For butter to be called butter, it must contain 80-90% milk fat. Not even less. We consume 5.4 kg per year.
In general, we eat about 12 kg of tomato per head.
Do you agree how much milk is needed to make 1 kg of eidam? All 10.5 liters! In total, we consume 13.3 kg of cheese per person.
Approximately 300 thousand tons of bread are produced annually in the Czech Republic, which is 1 million pieces per day. One person dreams about 40kg a year.
In one year, we eat over 4 eggs , specifically 249 pieces.
In 2016, 126,434 tons of apples were harvested in our country. We average about 23.7 kg a year.
are at a consumption threshold of 2.5kg per person.
Cereal flour, hail, flakes or rice weigh 114.9 kg.
Overall, we each eat 80.3 kg of meat - from pork to beef, mutton, game to poultry. Poultry meat we consume almost 27 kg.
( Czech Statistical Office )

Source: tz, Akademie, edited

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