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AG Flek: Podnohama Zem

"There is no need to read about such music, it must be experienced ..." Words that closed the review of the legendary album AG Flek in 1999 are also true of the long-awaited novel Podkoama zem. Since the foundation of the Zlín Group in 1977, it is only the third long-running collection, which equally represents a legendary set of three singers (and two authors) Ivo Viktorin, Blanka Táborská and Karel Markytán.

Thanks to the participation of many guests, it is also the most varied album of the band. However, it does not mean fragmented: High sound quality - the imprint of careful work in the well-known Studio Ivo Viktorina - the recording adds a single face that satisfies even the most demanding listeners.

Authors Ivo Viktorin and Karel Markytan split the new album. They both wrote five songs that reflect them both in musical feelings and in lyrics. Blanka Táborská received two songs from each of them, others left the authors for themselves. The eleventh piece comes from the 80's, from the period of the first album of AG Flek, and with the accompaniment of the typical flek's choir, the author of the text Karel Markytán was singled out. The album was named after the song Podlowama Earth , which symbolically concludes everything that was experienced, without pathos, with lightness and energy, and above all, with the eye of an experienced observer of the world. A world that despite all its hardness remains colorful and remarkable.

Although the new album is returning AG Flek to the studio after eighteen years, the band and its members did not play in the meantime. Karel Markytan released a solo CD entitled The End of Sweetness in 2001 and in 2005 he recorded the Evening Party album with the Afternoon Shift group. In 2005, Ivo Viktorin recalled the solo recording of Wave for the Wave, which he invited Blanka Táborská as a guest. A great concert form of the band could be appreciated by the fans on the recording of the performance from Zlín-Malenovic, which was released on DVD (2009) and CD (2012).

The new Podowama Earth album originated from April 2014 until February 2018 and during that time a number of prominent musicians have diversified their presence. The bass guitar was played by longtime member of AG Flek (also an important vocalist) Josef Šobáň and Petr Vavřík , who was also responsible for recording mastering. The drums were Marcel Gabriel and David Velčovský , with guitars played by Michael Vašíček and Petr Hoffmann . Luboš Novotný (lap steel), Aliaksandr Yasinski (accordion) and Ruda Brezina (saxophone) contributed to the variety. An important detail is in the song Inner Archeology, the Armenian breathing instrument duduk in the hands of Slovak master Marek Pastírik (the album also plays a saxophone) and the double bass, which was brilliantly recorded by a man with experience from jazz and folklore Marian Friedl .

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