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Mirakulum enters April in the sixth season

After a winter break, Mirakulum Park opens again on Saturday, April 14th. For its sixth season, the park has again made a number of new features so that not only those who have never been there, but also those who regularly go to Milovice will find it. After previous years of great construction, Park staff focused mainly on increasing visitor comfort this year.

"The biggest hit and the absolute bomb is the interconnection of the Forest City and the Rope Center," says Jiří Antoš, owner of the park, and describes: "The forest town is one of the biggest attractions of Mirakula. There are several towers among the tall trees, and the children and their parents can walk high above the ground by rope trails and hanging bridges. The Rope Center, which ranks among the largest in the Czech Republic, is in sight from the Forest City. We have linked these two places to a 65-meter maze that runs through the trees. We have created almost infinite entertainment for those who are not afraid to look at the world from above. "

Improvements have been made to the castle with underground corridors, which has been the dominant of the park from the very beginning. Several other stainless steel tunnels were added to it, complemented by stairs, bridges, ladders and slides. "All eight towers are now interconnected in several levels, and the castle, which has acquired its definitive form, functions as a powerful adrenaline duct," says Jiří Antoš.

With an emphasis on detail

Great attention was given to restaurants and other refreshment places before the season. The biggest novelty in this direction is the terrace for fast food Rychlovka. Coffee and dessert or lemonade can be enjoyed with a view not only of the castle but also of the hornbeam labyrinth - by the way, the trees have grown up a bit in it. "The capacity of the terrace is 200 seats and besides the visitors there are also three huge wooden dragons with three-meter heads. They come from the workshop of our court designer, Lucie Kozelská, " adds Antoš Antoš, adding that all other refreshment stalls were transformed: " They got shaded roofs and wooden trim, which is unusual for them. They are now far more cheerful, more colorful and look as fairy as the whole park. "

Some of this year's changes are, at first glance, less visible, but you will appreciate more their functionality. Their goal is not to overwhelm, but to increase comfort for Park visitors. So it was necessary to strengthen the roads, which are not only more viable but mainly less dusty. The park also added about 60 trees, which will provide a shadow in the future, even where it has been missing. And mums with babies have a newly available room with all the facilities for breastfeeding and replaying.

In April Park Mirakulum will be open only on weekends, April 28 will be the traditional Tank Day in the park and the nearby tankodrome. Admissions for this year remain unchanged.

Source: tz, edited editorially
Photo: Archive Mirakulum

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