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How to knock the picked pound over the winter?

You do not have to suffer drastic cleansing or slimming cure during the cold season. Just a few simple changes.

How to stay slender and fit even when temperatures are still around the freezing point? There are several options. Moreover, it is not complicated, because some experts say that our genes are programmed for weight loss in winter and on the contrary in summer.

Proponents of low carbohydrate diets claim that over the winter we eat much less carbohydrates, more fats and proteins. On the contrary, in the summer, we have a lot more carbohydrates, all sorts of classic supplements, cereals and fruits, and "making stock" for the winter. MUDr. Elek says we are the only mammals that get over the winter.

If you do not want to be one of those who gain weight or you need to solve a pound of pounds over the winter, you do not have to worry about drastic cleansing or losing cure in the cold season.

Just a few simple changes

Reduce the amount of pastries and attachments. Replace them with more vegetables, at least partly heat-treated in winter.
Eat more protein, not only in the form of meat , but also eggs and legumes.
Try out interesting foods such as seaweed, tofu, tempeh or miso.
Do not be afraid of high quality fats and nuts .

More protein

Eat eggs - soft, hard, mixed with vegetables and the like. The scarecrow and myth in the form of bad egg cholesterol may have taken for herself. Together with fish, eggs are a great alternative to meat. Sure, the fish is also meat. But, for example, salmon and tuna have a great advantage not only in protein but also in beneficial fats.

Protein foods include legumes. Supporters of a low carbohydrate diet argue that they contain a lot of carbohydrates, but for a lightweight diet, the legumes are definitely good. For example, try a red lens that does not fade and does not need to soak it long. For its even better digestibility, cook it with so-called "shock" - bring the water with the lens three times to the boil and always cool quickly with cold water. After the last chilling, allow the lens to boil over a moderate heat until it is soft enough.

Fruit or vegetables?

Over the winter and as part of the birthday cleaning, eat more vegetables. For example broccoli, red beet and pumpkin. Of apple fruit, great are grated with carrots and stuffed with a little lemon. Of those exotic fruits, you should definitely have a pudding supermarket or an already mentioned lemon. Not just for tea.

Quality fats and miso

Good and health-promoting fats are cold-pressed vegetable oils, ideally extrapanitary and in the bio-quality. For example, olive or rapeseed.

Reasonably eat butter and different kinds of nuts. Such walnuts contain a significant amount of magnesium and zinc needed for our nerves, muscles and immunity.

You can definitely get miso from interesting food. This is fermented soy, rice, barley or a mixture thereof. All kinds of miso adds fast and well-digestible essential amino acids, some vitamins, minerals and proteins in a balanced composition to the diet (most commonly in soups). This is the most we need in the winter and we need it every year.

Author: Veronika Hanzlíková
Source: U lékař

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