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Opening of the Prague Zoo season with Pancake, Chocolate and Bramborack

The Prague Zoo launched a new high season on Saturday 31 March. In addition to the opening ceremony of the rebuilt Gaston restaurant, there were also "baptisms" of exceptionally delicious tasty iguanas. They got very unusual names: Pancake, Chocolate and Bramborák.

The opening ceremony was attended by Mayor of Prague. of the City of Prague Adriana Krnáčová and her deputies Eva Kislingerová and Petr Dolinek. Hundreds of visiting visitors welcomed an unconventional performance of family snookers during the opening ceremony. The high season was symbolically started by the snapper Meloun, son and follower of the famous Gaston sailing, who died in the 2002 flood.

"First of all, I thank the director and all the caretakers who care for the animals. I thank them for contributing to the zoo, "
said the Mayor.

Deputy Petr Dolínek, in charge of the zoo, said: "I often come here with children and see great zoo changes, not only in pavilions and expositions, but also in seeming little things like benches, children's elements, reinforced paths and the like . "

Another point of the program was the baptism of three delicious Iguanas , which according to the IUCN Red Book are listed as an endangered species, and the Prague Zoo has been waiting for them for many years. Today was officially termed Pancakes, Chocolate and potato, on a proposal by the breeder, Mrs. Natasha Velence.

The ceremony ended with the concert of the Slza group.

Source: tz Zoo Praha, edited editorially
Photo to tz: Petr Hamernik, Prague Zoo

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