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The 5 craziest Easter traditions from the world

Each country celebrates Easter holidays differently. You will head over some of the habits, others are funny. Would you be crucified voluntarily? It's better to go czech. Whether you follow the customs or not, according to the calendar we are already breathing in spring, so why not enjoy it with some Easter tips.

Easter, which resemble the resurrection of the crucified Jesus Christ, are not as popular in modern times as Christmas, despite being one of the most important religious holidays of the year. For the more or less atheistic Czech Republic, these holidays symbolize the coming of spring, the fertility period and the sparkling nature. We associate the holiday season with traditional customs such as egg painting, lamb or greyhound. In the morning on Easter Monday men and boys walk from house to house to feast. In the recitation of poems, women and girls whistle with a pomp that symbolizes fertility. The smaller ones dredge colorful eggs and sweets. A glass of alcohol is also prepared for the elderly.

How do they have Easter in the world?

Perhaps the most abusive custom that is commonly practiced in the Philippines is nailing to the cross, following the pattern of Jesus Christ. This act serves as repentance and forgiveness for those who have sinned. People let their nails get stuck in their hands, and they tolerate the whipping of the belts. Since this tradition has deep roots, it probably works. Do not try it at home!
In Germany they have a much smarter habit. The owner of the house tries to overturn the roof while another member of the family catches the other side. If he does, he's won. The house will be spared from thunder and lightning.
What you can try is a Croatian custom , called Tuckanje. This habit or rather the game is that you tap the eggs for as long as one of them fails. The one who remains the whole or the least damaged shell will win. For romantic souls, we recommend to try the habit of bathing in violets.
On Hungarian Easter I must not hurt a woman head. At first, women and girls are polluted with water to be fertile, then men still spray perfume and perfume.
In England, you would not be looking for Easter eggs. On every step, however, chocolate eggs are available. While in the Czech Republic gives the eggs a hen, in England the rabbit! Little children believe that eggs carry a wearer and hide them differently around the house and the garden. This custom is slowly settling on us. Which child would not like to look for other hidden sweets?
It should be noted that some states are shaking their heads and our customs. Whispering takes the gesture of violence against women and condemns it. That is why men should be guided by the slogan that nothing should be exaggerated and symbolic.

Tip for the weekend
Spring is here and nature calls you. You can also get some energy from a walk in the countryside. On that occasion, you can pick up various plants, like ladders, clovers, or other interestingly shaped leaves, which you can use for egg drops.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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