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This is not April!

The stories that veterinarians experience in their surgeries are only fun sometimes. And it can be even when you need to use a scalpel and then a needle and a thread. Happy are stories with a good end. A good end is a point and a lesson.

We will teach the lesson at the beginning: Be careful about what is given to a dog or a cat in a bowl, but also about what an animal can find by itself. For example, a gentleman who is used to lying on socks for a flat should only wear briefly. The ladies are also concerned. In addition, it should be added that the stockings are even more dangerous. There was a case that one end was already coming out of the dog's rectum while the other chewed. From the literature, a case is reported by James Herriot, when the goat eaten the old man (today we would say to the senior) underwear. And the case from today? Border collie, a dog, eating a plastic cucumber of vegetable arrangement, had to be operated and walked with a protective collar for ten days.

The case that went without surgery was told by Dr. RV: She picked up the phone and at the other end she laughed at the lady that her labrador had eaten a turtle. How does that know? Well, the turtle can not be found. The Doctor offered her with a suppressed smile to her that the dog was getting out of shape. The owner accepted it, and within an hour she came up with a suspicious storm. But the innards were empty, the turtle nowhere. Everyone was relieved. Besides, the other day she called the tortoise found.

It is therefore good to see that pets can not get to nothing dangerous. Fertilizers and chemicals, but also socks starting with plastic hangings ending. As is evident, the master should have a great imagination. What can an animal eat ... Add each one yourself.

Source: tz, edited editorially
Author: Josef Duben, PR KVL

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