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Actors from Švandovo Theater will introduce a Cafe in Prague's café

Prague cafe. One defends her, others hurt her. A cup of coffee, on the bottom of which can be seen the outlines of current and future events, will now be offered to both camps in the Švanda Theater in Prague. Author's production of Smichov scene actors The cause of the Prague café here, led by the young creator Jacob Erftemeijer, emerges as a collective work composed of insights, jokes and improvisations.

The premiere of the game is under preparation for the 28th of April in the cellar studio. This is due to the Cafe of the Prague Cafe, which will soon change into a space of open fantasy, humor and free play with everything the winged "Prague Cafe" carries with it.

Maybe you have not noticed this, but in 2018 people started losing in the Czech Republic. Where did they disappear? Does he have a finger on a badge around him, and he wants to be immortal? Would it clarify the case if some "keywords" could be decrypted? How does the country look like? What does the people say? This will be the story of the Prague Cafe Cause , a funny game on the brink of detectives, comedy and horror.

Survivors from cafes, fields and factories!

"The main inspiration for creating a production was her name and with him what is happening right now in society. And so we got the job and started to find out how easy or difficult it is to get into a coffee shop and how to get out of it without bumps, " says Jacob Erftemeijer, director and co-author of the game, which has worked in Švanda's theater so far actor. Martin Sladecek and Martin Kinsky add the following: "It is fascinated by the fact that the 'Cafers, Fields and Factories!' Popular, especially in the 1950s, is now heard - and it even sounds directly from the Castle! And the Prague cafe, it's a real case for a detective: everyone talks about it, but nobody knows where to reach her fingers and statements. But somewhere there must be. And he can strike at any time. Or she can be hit at any time. "

Clarifying this mysterious phenomenon in the Underground Studio now helps Jacob Erftemeijer with six other Swan Theater actors. His ideas were brought to him and in the production are played by Andrea Buršová, Martina Krátká, Natálie Řehořová, Petr Buchta, Tomáš Petřík and Marek Pospíchal . Their adventurous quest begins on Saturday, April 28, when the hugely watched novel of the Svánda Theater premieres.

He will continue with the next rehearsals scheduled for April 30 and May 7 and May 21.

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