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Vienna was also the best city to live in 2017, Prague again in 69th place

The city that was best lived in 2017 was Vienna for the ninth time. According to Mercer, which sets the ranking of cities, Vienna offers the highest quality of life. On the contrary, the worst is living in Iraqi Baghdad. Prague occupied 69 places out of a total of 231 evaluated cities as well as last year. Eurocomm PR Prague, the foreign office of the City of Vienna, informed about this.

The Mercer survey evaluates cities based on several criteria, including political stability, economics, health care, transport, crime, or green areas on a built-up area. According to Mercer, Vienna was ranked first, mainly due to the very good security situation in the city, a great network of urban public transport and countless cultural facilities that offer sufficient leisure time. The city of Vienna, lying on the Danube River, has approximately 1.8 million inhabitants and an area of ​​415 km2. It is the largest Austrian city and at the same time the most important cultural, political and economic center of the country.

Zurich was the second best city to live in. The third and fourth place were divided between New Zealand Auckland and German Munich. Canada's Vancouver finished fifth. Germany's Düsseldorf took the sixth place and German Frankfurt's seventh place. The eighth place was placed in Geneva, Switzerland and Ninth Copenhagen in Denmark. The tenth place was occupied by Swiss Basel and Australian Sydney.

Prague ranked 69th, which is the best result of Central and Eastern European cities.

Author: Blanka Štiková

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