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Where animals are being mistreated, people are also at risk

In practice, veterinarians encounter symptoms of animal abuse from time to time. And it does not always have to do with intentional abuse. Then he has to deal with how to preserve it. There are several possibilities: to psychologically influence the owner, to show the participation of the animal, in the extreme case, as the law on the protection of animals against torture also impose, to give rise to a solution to the corresponding authorities, ie the police or the municipality.

It is easy to say, but it is difficult to make and recognize. Citizens may also be helped, although in this case the veterinarian is left out of submission to the authorities concerned. What are the "naked eye" signs of bruising the reared animal?

Still recurrent injuries, limb fractures, rib fractures, injured eyes or body openings. Such cases occur more frequently in larger agglomerations where neighbors are anonymous or at remote locations. Expert literature describes that these phenomena also indicate worsening relationships between people, especially among children and adolescents. Significant is the loss of sensitivity and empathy.

But unconscious domestic animal abuse can also be undermined by fashion trends in breeding certain breeds. Recently, there is an increased popularity of brachycephalic breeds of dogs, but also cats, ie those with a shortened nose. These animals have breathing problems, especially in domestic conditions, are more susceptible to respiratory illnesses, and suffer greatly in neglect. Future and existing breeders should be aware of what kind of living conditions they offer to their pets!

On this occasion, a reminder: in two years, registration of all dogs will be mandatory. Today there are several registers that are largely compatible, but it is not yet known how the implementing rule for the statutory provision will look like. It is necessary to prepare for it. It is clear that the dog is easier to find, and when the dog is tortured or abandoned, which is also a violation of the law, or if the dog is attacking, it is better to look for the owner.

Everything is related to everything: the hard-to-treat animal maltreatment is related to the sensation of people's feelings, and better evidence can be a preventive tool and ultimately an instrument for possible sanction.

Author: Josef Duben, PR KVL
Source: tz

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