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A car like a golden brick. Is it worth investing in classics?

If you find a damage to your grandfather in the garage or in the barn and you do not know how to get rid of it, you better still think about it. The preserved cars from the Eastern Bloc are becoming veterans and their value rises even in tens of percent per year. And while it's still just an alternative way to rate your money, it's ideal for car enthusiasts. You will not enjoy the fun with the stock.

Due to the growing popularity of car collections, models that have been commonly seen in the streets a few years ago are now being appreciated. "Historic cars have become more and more attractive in recent years as alternative investments. Experts on art are even evaluated as one of the most profitable and least volatile alternative investments, "says Stanislav Gálik, director of the AuresLab innovation center at AAA Auto. "The usual but exceptionally preserved Škoda 120 stood at 30,000 five years ago. Today it's about 80,000 or more. This is an increase of more than 160 percent, "he adds.

An increase of about 60 percent over the last 5 years, such as the Tatra 603 and Škoda Rapid, In the Czech Republic, Škoda 1000 MB is also a highly desirable product, and the legendary Fiaty 126, Volga or Lady is also interested.

Today, the so-called "youngtimers" or "cars" have the greatest potential for their age, which can often be up to a hundred thousand crowns. To predict exactly what will be worth, however, according to Gálik, it is very difficult, almost impossible. "In general, however, it can be said that sooner or later, any cars with minimal raiding and in the original preserved condition will be interesting," explains Gálik.

The renowned "jigulka", the Ladu 1200, is also pampered in the garage by Jakub Hamerský from Svitávka in Blansko. "I have a car after a father who bought it ten thousand years ago for 19,000. I recently offered 35,000 for him, and I did not reach him for that time either, "Hamersky describes as the car gains value by just standing in the garage. He does not plan to sell him, he wants to rebuild him. "I do not take it as an investment, I would want to go back once. But it is nice to know that it will become more and more rare, " adds Hamersky.

When buying a car for investment purposes, the buyer must remember that this is not a short-term business. "It's really a long run and a bet on demand growth and vehicle prices. A car is an investment like any other, its value can grow but at the same time fall to half. We must also not forget about the costs of storage and maintenance, which are continuously reducing the value, " points out possible risks to the economist of Partners Martin Masat.

Nevertheless, the world market for historic vehicles has been one of the fastest growing in recent years compared to other alternative investments (jewelry, fine arts). In 2017, the worldwide auction of the veteran market was estimated at more than a billion euros and rose 3 percent year-on-year.

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