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BraAgas: About birds and fish

The beautiful river and the dreamed sky offer the BraAgas female band on the novel About birds and fish. The well-known women's musical grouping represents one big change, apparently when looking at the name of the recording. The new album is in Czech. But it again brings a clear handwriting to the BraAgas. Acoustic and unconventional instruments as well as the stylish singing of the songs and the beautiful combination of polyphonic sounds.

On their sixth album, the ladies enter the new ground thanks to the Czech singing songs. After a long musical hunt, the band finally returns home from other parts of Europe. All thirteen pieces of BraAgas Bohemian-Moravian songwriters have been able to work with their original approach, which has brought them many awards in the past. In the role of silent witnesses of sad stories, all song lyrics appear to birds or fish, who gave the whole record a name.

The recording was completely different from previous albums. "Percussions have much less space in these songs than previous albums, but melodic instruments - strings and breaths have become more of a word. But it also belongs to the character of a playlist that is much harder and less rhythmic than the previous one, " admits BraAgas singer and main character Katherine Göttlich and assumes that the new record may have other listeners. "Some of our fans may be surprised how sad the songs are on the board. But it was the intention - to process these powerful folk tales. On the contrary, a completely new audience needs to be addressed. " Nevertheless, BraAgas stay theirs and their fans do not have to worry. Last year nyckelharpa was added to BraAgas, a very interesting string instrument originating in Sweden, and it sounds quite often on the record as well as the usual "curiosities" such as the crater, the shalam, the shalim, the kaval, and here and there the bagpipes ... Simply everything we have BraAgas so happy.

The return to domestic melodies was planned by Kateřina Göttlichová from the very first recordings. "Once in the time around, we had the idea to make a record where a bird would appear in each song. He was inspired by the "bird room" at the Lobkowic Palace where we played. But when discussing folk songs, some beautiful melodies appeared, where there was a fish - so the concept came into being. A song where there is no bird or fish will simply not be on the record, even if it is the most beautiful. We also enjoyed the idea - that the bird ruled the air and the heights while watering the water and the depths. " Moreover, as it turned out, the ladies enjoyed singing in their native language and knew it on the record. About Birds and Fish is a hectic and well-done album.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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