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HUG concerts once again in the singers' arms

Have a singer concert for yourself? Experience the music from the closest possible neighborhood? Be part of the choir and not give a voice? This is precisely the project of HUG British singer and songwriter Verity Standen, who after a very successful show returns after two years.

As the name of the project suggests, each of the listeners will spend a concert in the embrace of "their" singer, whom they do not see. So the singer ceases to be the main actor, but rather becomes the mediator of the experience of music. Without being able to perceive the surroundings, the audience experiences music through the sound, breath and vibration of the singer's body much more intensely. The concert makes it easy to get away from your surroundings and to indulge in a close-hearted multi-voice composition. "Do not expect anything erotic or esoteric, but an intense artistic experience that will pass you under the skin," says Ridina Ahmed, who organizes her Hlasohled performance in Prague.

A series of concerts is taking place at the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace in Prague, by 15 April. The twelve-minute program is always for 30 visitors only. Every day, he will offer three performances in the evening, from 19.00, 19.45 and 20.30. The author of the project, Verity Standen, arrives at the invitation of Hlashod, the center for working with the human voice.

HUG is an extraordinary experience for visitors but also for performers themselves. "It's not a performance that you look at and you forget about it in a month. It's an emotional performance that will touch you all your life. One of the most interesting vocal projects I've ever been to, " says Yellow Sisters member Barbora Vaculikova, who participated in the project in 2016.

"It's a wonderful community of people. Their voices make HUG something unique, because HUG sounds different in every place where we play it, and that's great. In HUGU, the relationship between the singer and the listener is equal, and each one takes as much as he inserts. I think I'm just an intermediary now. I wrote this thing, but now I surrender it and live with my life. A lot of snobbery around the voice and how to present it. I do not believe it. Everyone has a voice and everyone can make sounds and everyone can hear the sounds. I try to create openness around my voice, " says author Verity Standen.

Veria Standen, a composer, music director and performer, is studying the human voice in her work and looking for unusual ways to use it in a live performance. In recent years, she has received great acclaim from both audiences and professional critics. For the stage vocal work HUG won the British Off West End TB Award 2016 in 2016 and was nominated for The Arches Brick Award and a Total Theater Award.

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