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Without proper drinking mode, the urinary tract suffers

The urinary tract removes toxins and waste materials. It also helps provide the body with sufficient water absorption. An important condition for its proper functioning and long-term health is the adherence to the drinking regime.

When the fluid is low

A number of diseases of the urinary system are associated with insufficient hydration. These problems can be very troublesome and restrictive and cause pain as well. Which diseases associated with poor drinking are the most common?
Urinary tract infections. These antibiotics are very often prescribed for these problems. Sufficient irrigation increases flow through the urinary tract. Bacteria are so easily flushed out and do not have the right conditions to multiply.
Kidney stones (nephrolithiasis). Kidney stones are formed from substances that are commonly dissolved in the urine. When you drink little, crystals form. The smaller can pass through the urinary tract, but larger ones may clog. The passage is then difficult and often a burning pain occurs. Prevention is sufficient fluid intake and adequate body weight.
Night wetting.
This problem affects children in particular. It is often caused by inappropriate drinking during the day, which is reflected in excessive drinking in the evening before bedtime. The solution is not prohibitions and punishments, but sufficient consumption of liquids over the day.

How to flood the body

Drink regularly. Determine the fluid consumption throughout the day. Not only is the quantity important. Regular intake of water can be prevented by, for example, urinary tract infections or kidney stones.
Check the volume. Women should take about 2-2.7 l of water each day, men between 2.5 and 3.7 liters. With increased fluid delivery (sport, heat), reception should, of course, be increased appropriately. About 20% of daily fluid intake is a diet. Alcohol and coffee are not counted.
Modify drinking mode by diet. Yoghurts, soups, fruits and vegetables contain plenty of water. Salt, on the other hand, supports drainage.
Do not limit the intake of fluids. Do not drink because of the fear of frequent going to the toilet is nonsense. Urine then becomes more concentrated, contains more toxic and waste materials, and can damage the urinary system. In addition, the bladder capacity decreases.
Train the urinary bladder. If your sleep disturbs the frequent urge to urinate, the solution is not to stop drinking. The bladder can be trained by gradually increasing fluid intake. Try to resist 10 minutes longer before going to the toilet. Help can also reduce body weight. Higher pressure is exerted on the bladder of overweight and obese people.
Teach the children to drink. Night care of children can solve regular fluid intake. Children should drink at breakfast and have a drink bottle at school.

In equilibrium

The urinary system shows regular adequate fluid intake. It is important to drink throughout the day. It is not healthy to consume the entire recommended dose at once. Prefer foods with high water content. Important is balanced diet and proper body weight. The amount of fluids you need depends on physical activity and ambient temperature. It does not matter that the more water the better. Excessive intake of fluids, as well as intake, is detrimental.

Author: Dominika Šťastná
Source: U lékař

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