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Spring in South Tyrol

After a long winter, there is a short period of spring. Still no tropical heat, on the contrary pleasant temperatures, holding about twenty degrees, invite you to walk by nature. In South Tyrol you can enjoy this spring season.

Spring at the Roter Hahn farms offers a wealth of experiences and events that take place at this time.

Celebration of saffron

It is said that saffron is the messenger of spring. On Sunday, 22 April, you can head to the picturesque village of Mölten where the saffron festival takes place every year. On site you will be welcomed by traditional folk costumes, dancing Schuhplattler, listening to brass, and refreshments.

Wine Day

Lovers of this drink can not miss the day of wine held on 21 April in the Eppan wine region. This day offers fine wines and lots of enthusiasts and experts will be there. There are typical local delicacies and a rich cultural program.

In addition to the various festivals to choose from, you can see, for example, the flood of apple blossoms on Roter Hahn. There are so many that you will literally lose in the white sea of ​​blooming apple trees. In addition, you have the opportunity to try home-made apples with the help of local farmers to cook the typical South Tyrol Apfelkiechl dessert. Just cut the apples to slices and make a dough from flour, yolk, salt, rum, milk and whipped egg. In the prepared dough, slices of apples are wrapped and fried.

What other attractions will you experience in the South Tyrol? For example, on the above-mentioned properties, you will see how farmers start working on their own gardens. You will soon be able to taste the home vegetable and fruit crops. What you can really enjoy during this period is asparagus. You can try a typical local delicacy, asparagus with bacon, boiled potatoes and Bolsa sauce. Nature is also beginning to wake up, the view of the blossoming trees and flowers adds the right feeling of peace and relaxation. Tours of castles and chateaux can be enjoyed by pleasant spring temperatures and visit the botanical garden at Trauttmansdorff Castle is a great experience.

Spring is simply the ideal time for holiday on the farms in South Tyrol. You will not only enjoy walks and excursions, but you can still ski. The green valleys and the white mountain peaks above them, which attract winter sports enthusiasts. Everyone will come to their own.

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