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New ŠKODA for China - the first urban SUV sketch

Following the KODIAQ and KAROQ models, the third SUK of the ŠKODA brand is now coming in for the Chinese market. His premiere is being prepared for the Beijing car showroom.

ŠKODA has released the first design sketch of the new urban SUV. The new model was specially designed and developed according to the requirements of Chinese customers. With the ŠKODA KODIAQ and ŠKODA KAROQ, the new urban SUV is the third member of the SUV family for the Chinese market. The model will be introduced for the first time shortly before the car show in Beijing.

SUV-offensive ŠKODA models with KODIAQ and KAROQ models are running at full speed. ŠKODA now translates its expressive design language into a new urban SUV for the Chinese market, emphasizing the brand's emotional strength. Crystal design elements that are common to all ŠKODA SUVs reflect the robust look of the model while emphasizing its sleek details and first-class quality.

One of the highlights of this year's Auto China 2018 in Beijing will be the premiere of a new urban SUV. ŠKODA has adapted the new urban SUV to the requirements of Chinese customers. As can be seen from the sketches, the radiator grille and headlamps form a single line in the front of the car. The rugged design also highlights the plastic design elements in the area of ​​the sills, passing through the edges of the fenders. They give way to the design of the wheels. The rear group lamps feature a typical crystalline design.

An SUV strategy plays an important role in the growth of the ŠKODA brand. On the Chinese market, the share of SUVs in the overall sale of the ŠKODA brand in the first quarter is more than 30%. China is the largest market for ŠKODA, which contributes more than a quarter to the world's number of vehicles delivered to customers. Last year, ŠKODA increased its supply of vehicles in China by 2.5% to 325,000 units. The year 2017 is also the most successful year in the history of the ŠKODA brand on the Chinese market since its re-entry in 2007.

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