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How to safely pay on the Internet

Cashback is still one of the most used ways to make payments when shopping online, but there are a number of other online payment methods. These usually make it faster and more convenient to pay, making it possible to shop online without unnecessary waiting. What payment options can you use on the internet? Which are more and less safe and what is good to watch out for?

The most convenient payment method is online card payment. A normal payment card with allowed Internet payment and a sufficient limit is sufficient to run it. However, card payment with no additional security level leads to the risk of abuse because the user enters not only the card number, but also the CVV or CVC codes - which can be used by anyone who gets their hand. "Therefore, to make a card payment, use the payment environment, such as GoPay or GP webpay. It's best to avoid entering card data in an e-shop environment, especially a foreign one, "said Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department of consumer organization dTest.

Always make sure that both the e-shop and the page where you enter the data have their "https" addresses at the beginning
. This indicates that information is being transmitted in encrypted form. If you find that a specific e-shop or other service does not have this encrypted communication, please make sure to note and do not enter any data. Although the absence of a certificate in many cases may mean nothing more than the laxity of the trader, the potential misuse of the card data might come to you dearly. You may also encounter a Web browser message that the certificate is invalid or expired. Even in this case, caution should be exercised. Please do not make a payment, and either contact a merchant or find another one.

"A substantially safer way to pay a card is to use 3D-Secure security, where the trader only learns if the payment has been or has not been made,"
says Lukáš Zelený, adding: "Before the payment, unfortunately, the user has no way of knowing this security, " Some banks increase their protection by sending authorization SMS or emails with code without which the payment can not be made.

The popular way of online payments is so-called internet wallet. Reimbursement is usually made from a credit that you have "redeemed" with an online card, a regular transfer, or by linking a wallet with your credit card, but the details of which are not learned by the trader. The best-known internet wallet is PayPal, which works on a pay-as-you-go basis without telling the merchant details of your credit card. It is expanded worldwide and often works in e-shops that sell its goods or services abroad, which allows easy conversion of currency. To make a payment, you only need to have a PayPal account and confirm the payment in your own environment when ordering. Even in this case, it's important to set up a secure password, change it once in a while, and set appropriate limits.

Paying for online purchases and services is, of course, possible through regular or priority transfer. In this case, however, the merchant will receive information about the payment made after several days. "Some banks, therefore, offer online payments or accelerated transfers, where the user is redirected to his online banking with a pre-paid payment, which he only has to authorize. But the bank is a lot, and that is why we are most likely to face payments in the so-called payment gateways that aggregate more and more different online payments, " explains Green.

Whether you choose to use any of the payment methods, always be careful. Only then will you be able to shop over the internet without any unnecessary laps.

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