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Director Hřebejk returns to Jazz with comedy. It's breathtaking!

Theater Na Jezerce prepared Peter Quilter's "Come on!" Musical comedy! The story about the worst singer in the world, who is interested in the audience, is preparing Jan Hřebejk for the Nusel scene. You will see Jitka Sedláčková in the lead role of the opera star without talent, Miroslava Pleštilová, Libuše Švormová, Jan Hrušínský and Václav Tobrman. At the premiere, the audience can enjoy today, April 26, 2018.

The main character of the story that has truly become is Florence Foster Jenkins , who believes she is endowed with a singing talent. Her voice is exceptional - extremely horrible. And Imagine - Solds Carnegie Hall! How is it possible? Come to the Jezerce Theater. "There's a lot of fun there, we want people to have fun and Jitka like Florence is great. The motive of the game is the current question: What's the dilettante's self-confidence? And the answer may be: The hypocrisy of their surroundings! ", Says Jan Hřebejk.

No talent to the stars / Not even clean!

"I look at Florence as a person living in my bubble with an overweight wallet that buys everything she desires. And he will believe his own lies. Finally, thanks to this, the singer Florence Carnegie Hall will sell out. It pays the auditorium, the audience, the applause ... It's foolish - from my point of view, the tragic figure. But the material for the actors to be unpaid, " says Jitka Sedláčková, who plays the role.

Jitka Sedláčková's partner in the production "It is breathtaking!" Is the principal Jan Hrušínský. Another outstanding figure in the upcoming novel is also the outstanding multiinstrumentalist and singer Václav Tobrman, who is one of the best Czech pianists. The scene and costumes are in charge of Jan Štěpánek.

Jan Hřebejk Theater at the Jezerce Theater has been hunting audiences for " Honeymoon Murder" (the production is on DNJ repertoire 12 years), "Kumšt" with three Jana - Tříska, Kačer and Hrušínský, "To Touch" , "We Need to Help" or a thievery comedy of four of "Tear in the shoes" tiles.

Saturnin - an ageless classic

The least anticipated novelty in 2018 is "Saturnin" by the same name of Zdeněk Jirotka. Saturn's theatrical production will also be the director's debut of actor Petr Vacka. "At the time of the Nazi occupation, Zdeněk Jirotka wrote" a humorous "book, which is in fact a celebration of grace, honesty and democratic values. That's why Saturnin is always up to date, "says Vacek, who once played on Saturnin both on theater boards and in film. Premieres with the subtitle: Welcome to the days when people behaved well, the audience at Divadlo Na Jezerce will be on May 30, 2018.

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