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LSS 2018 with premiere of a gentle melancholy comedy The good end of everything right

The next edition of the popular Shakespeare Open-Air Show opens the premiere of the comedy DOBRÝ KONEC ALL THE MANS, directed by Jan Antonín Pitínský, on June 26th. The program will not miss the favorite productions from the previous Festivals, we will say goodbye to the performances of SEN NIGHTS SVATOJÁNSKÉ and ROMEO AND JULIE.

Poster's trick or when William Shakespeare is comic with comedy

The less well-known Shakespeare title GOOD CONTEMPORARY ALL is a tenderly melancholy comedy full of adventure, love and miracles. The show attracts star cast, starring Annu Fialová , one of the most prominent actresses of the youngest generation, alongside famous names such as Ondřej Pavelka, Martin Dejdar, Jan Vlasák or David Novotný . One of the major roles will also be the talented Brno actor Martin Siničák . The comedy is directed by the legend of the Czech theater, Jan Antonín Pitínský , a multiple winner of the Alfred Radok Award. The music was composed by Vladimir Franz , designed by Jan Štěpánek and costumes by Jan Preková .
THE GOOD END OF ALL RIGHTS has an extraordinary position among Shakespeare's play, it's one of his farewells to the genre of comedy. In this bitter comedy, the so-called bed trick plays a key role - the well-thought-out temptation plan will come out completely different than originally intended.

Last chance

For the last time, the audience has the opportunity to enjoy two abundant performances. SEN NIGHT OF THE WEDDING, a wedding crazy comedy about the magic of a magical summer night, featuring David Prachař and Vanda Hybner. The second dernier is ROMEO AND JULIE. The tragedy of Verona's lovers is full of poetic images, and the spectators are particularly interested in the unconventional concept - the romantic, romantic dream of young lovers in the second half of the show, and in the end it turns into a thrilling nightmare. Jan Sklenář and Tereza Vořísková perform in the main roles of Romeo and Juliet absolutely impressive performance.

Another program: Classic and English bet on the stage

Part of the current year will be also favorite productions from previous years, like last year's premiere of HAMLET in the lead role with the outstanding Jaroslav Plesl, the comedy MOVIE NOV CASTLE, EVERYTHING THREE-KEY or ANYB EVERYONE WANT, and of course THE WINDSOR WINNERS. This comedy is almost legendary - the performance directed by Jiří Menzel, in which Bolek Polívka, Simona Stašová and Eva Režnarová excels, has been playing for the tenth year behind the huge audiences of the audience! Pearl of the current year will be the English comedy MEASURE FOR MEASURE by Prague Shakespeare Company and for two evenings the audience will be entertained by the great Bratislava production of KOMÉDIA OMYLOV.

The current Festival of Festivities will again take place in Prague on two scenes. In the Royal Garden of the Prague Castle in front of Míčovna and at the Summer Stage of AMU Music and Dance Faculty in Liechtenstein Palace, a picturesque baroque jewel in the heart of Prague.
Tickets for Prague performances are already on sale.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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