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There is no safe man in front of prostate cancer

Have you started to worry about prostate cancer? It may make you afraid to overcome the shyness and go to the expert. Specifically to the urologist who will check this body and may save your life.

No one is sure

Do you feel that you do not have a risk of developing cancer because you live healthy? You are mistaken. We can talk about factors that reduce the general risk of malignancy, but it is almost useless. Surely you know them well. Today, no one doubts that alcohol, cigarettes and resistance to vegetables do not benefit. Is it possible to prevent prostate cancer? No one will tell you. This tumor has one particular feature - its risk is virtually unaffordable. Genes, race, age, place of origin - you will not change anything, none of the prostate cancer is considered.

How to defend yourself?

The only protection against prostate cancer is regular checkups. The doctor asks if there is anything in the prostate that suggests the presence of dangerous changes. That you do not think of such things? But you should. Every sixth person will hear this diagnosis. If you do not let yourself be timed, you can lose everything. Everything that makes you a man and sometimes life. Do not worry about examining the prostate. When everything is fine, you will feel better. If your doctor reveals the tumor in the initial phase, you have the chance to undergo the lightest and most effective treatment that you do not need to have any lasting effects.

Basic "two"

Prevention of prostate cancer means two things: to know the level of PSA in the blood and to have prostate examination by the sight. Blood collection for PSA may also be listed by a GP, but only a urologist will be able to carry out a professional checkup. It is necessary to pass both. All prostate tumors do not increase PSA levels in the blood, so then it may seem wrong that nothing happens.

Go to urology!

If you have a urologist, do not miss regular preventive examinations - fifty years in any case. Recently, men are recommended for the forties. If you do not have a urologist, look for it. If you can not get a call, call the Proton Center in Prague. It is intensively involved in the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer.

Author: MUDr. Tereza Kopecká
Source: U lékař

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