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The heart after the heart attack benefits omega-3 fatty acids

Heart and vessel diseases are among the most common causes of death in advanced countries. According to recent research, heart and vessel health can be strengthened by regular use of omega-3 fatty acid supplements.

The use of omega-3 fatty acids helps to prevent heart and blood vessel disease. It even benefits the heart muscle, which has already been damaged, such as a heart attack. This occurs when blood flow to some part of the heart is blocked (eg blood clot). This condition prevents the supply of oxygen and damages the heart. Consequently, the risk of other heart diseases and complications increases. According to a new study by dr. Kwonga and his team can reduce this risk by taking a daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids.

Smaller scar

Heart treatment after heart attack takes approximately 8 weeks. During this period, scarring usually occurs, which sometimes alters the structure and functioning of the heart. The scar can prevent proper muscle contraction, resulting in arrhythmias, heart failure and other diseases. Scientists have found that people who took a high-dose omega-3 fatty acid daily for 6 months had a smaller scar on the heart muscle. They also showed better cardiac function compared to post-stroke patients who received placebo (a medicine that did not contain the active substance). The study was attended by a total of 360 individuals after a heart attack.

Miraculous fish oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential for health. But the human body can not produce them. We can get them when we include in the menu:
fatty fish (salmon, tuna, plaice),
quality food supplements (preferably with fish oil).

How to get better forecasts?

Earlier studies have found that omega-3 fatty acids increase the chance of survival after a heart attack. According to dr. Kwonga and his team, however, the mechanism behind this remains unclear. However, scientists have confirmed the positive effects of omega-3 fatty acids on the human organism. If used on a daily basis and in sufficient quantity, they can be of great benefit to patients after a heart attack.

Author: Hana Horáková
Source: U lékař

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