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It is essential for COPD to keep your lungs in shape!

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease causes damage to the lungs and deterioration of gas exchange. Very important is pulmonary rehabilitation, which improves breathing and thus the supply of oxygen to the body. What can happen if treatment is neglected?

For Chronic Obstructive Disease (COPD), excessive mucus formation is typical due to continuous airway inflammation. The patient suffers from dyspnoea and cough, both in physical activity and in peace. The solution is usually pharmacological therapy, which can be appropriately supplemented by breathing exercises.

A candle burns, something you like

One of the most popular exercises is so-called candle blowing. Those who practice meditation certainly know him well. Training helps slow down breathing, soothe and deliver more air into the lungs. Recommended exercise time is between 5 and 10 minutes a day. How to do it?
Sit down and relax your neck and shoulders.
Close your mouth with a deep breath of nose.
Imagine a candle burning in front of you and wanting to blow it out.
The long, steady exhalation of the flame extinguishes.

Inflate the balloon

The main inspirational muscle of a man is the diaphragm. The aim of the balloon infusion method is to learn how to use the diaphragm efficiently. Asthmatics and people with COPD in respiration often involve the auxiliary breathing muscles - they activate the back muscles and the muscles of the shoulders. The lesson described below is to help eliminate these bad habits. The recommended run time is 5 to 10 minutes a day.
In your sitting or back, place your hands free on your stomach and relax.
Imagine that your lungs are a balloon that needs to be inflated.
Take a long, deep breath of nose, during which you also engage your abdominal muscles.
Exhale with your mouth long, your lips are in the same position as the candle blowing.

In addition to a targeted breathing exercise, there are also activities that you can not only enjoy, but also strengthen your breathing muscles. You will learn how to work with breathing economically, but effectively. These include singing, yoga or even mystery.

Load the whole organism

Critical oxygen deficiency in chronic obstructive disease is also noted in the heart. It can not pump enough blood into the body, and COPD is also found in patients with respiratory failure. In this critical condition hospitalization is usually required at the intensive care unit, and the prognosis is often uncertain.

Although COPD can appear at first glance as a disease of pure airways and lungs, it is signed on the body in a comprehensive way. The skeletal muscles of the patients are weakening, physical resistance and stamina are decreasing. Patients often lose weight and are at greater risk of bone thinning. Proper and timely treatment can minimize the above effects.

Author: Jakub Žiška
Source: U lékař

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