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High Cholesterol: A Silent Danger Of Good To Know

Too much cholesterol in the blood is one of the major risk factors for heart disease and stroke. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels are the most common cause of adult death in the Czech Republic. The defense lies above all in controls of cholesterol.

Do not forget about prevention

The key to discovering high cholesterol is screening. High cholesterol does not hurt, so many people do not know that it suffers from this problem. The test for blood cholesterol alone is simple. People over the age of 20 should be checked for cholesterol every 5 years. More frequent checking is recommended if:
your total cholesterol is 6 mmol / l or higher,
you are a male older than 45 years or a woman over 50 years old,
you have HDL cholesterol lower than 2 mmol / l,
you may experience other risk factors for heart disease (for example, a history of heart attack, high blood pressure, obesity).

What does the treatment do?

High cholesterol results in atherosclerosis, hence the formation of arteries. This is caused by other heart and vessel problems, a high risk of heart attack and stroke. Among other things, it is also proven that excess cholesterol and lipids can lead to type 2 diabetes. Treatment is necessary because it:
improves atherosclerosis,
reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke,
prevents ischemic heart disease and ischemic disease of the lower limbs,
relieves the risk of diabetes onset.

Start living differently

Treating high cholesterol is primarily done with medicines. Unfortunately, they can not do miracles. Therefore, non-pharmacological therapy or lifestyle change is important. How much does it help?
Increase the amount of fiber in the diet.
At least 5 pieces of vegetables or fruits a day will help lower cholesterol levels.
Regularly move. At least an hour three times a week, do some exercise.
Maintain the right weight. Loss of only a few kilograms of fat can significantly reduce cholesterol.
Do not smoke. Tobacco consumption is the main risk factor for heart, blood and lung disease.

Larger lifestyle changes are usually challenging. So try to talk to your doctor honestly about solutions that fit right for you.

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