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Spring cleaning: Where simply with old appliances and batteries?

Spring is synonymous with budding trees, blooming flowers, but also with a thorough cleaning after winter. Some of us already have a general clean-up, but some are still getting ready for it. If you are one of the lazy ones or you just have not gotten cleaned up after the winter, maybe these tips will help you. Talk about where to go with electro-junk without having to find the right containers in the area.

Send a small electrical waste free of charge

If you get rid of old and unnecessary electrical appliances during spring cleaning, you do not have to look for containers where you can throw away such electrical waste. One of the options is to send it free of charge so-called re: Pack . So if the shipment is not more than 20 kilograms. In the ordinary box you can pack old electric kettles, hair dryers, computers, monitors, electric saws or other smaller retailers, but also portable batteries and accumulators, toners or even old CDs and DVDs. Then you only have to fill out an online order to print a generated addressable prepaid label. And take the waste box to any branch of the Czech Post. Service and package delivery are free of charge .

Does the neighbors clean up? Over 150 kg takes the car

If you get more than 150 kilograms of your old electric or battery, then you can even order a car for free by car. Just for orientation - such a bigger printer weighs around eight pounds, older TVs even go over twenty kilos. The CRT monitor has around 17 kg and the refrigerator is over fifty. You can also add washing machines, microwaves, reel mowers, drills or old lamps. In short, everything that works or works on electricity. If you do not collect 150 kilograms of electrical waste at home, ask for neighbors or acquaintances, they will also like to get rid of something. Then just go for a service called " Be lazy" and order the old devices to order on the web. If you eventually accumulate just between 20-50 kilograms of an old electric power, you can use the service Be Lazy, too, but through a bundle. So you have to pack it electronically in the box.

Old good collection yards or special events

One of the options is also the traditional collection yards, where electrical waste can be bulk exported. But before you go to the court, you need to find the one you will have at hand , then check what they are receiving, who they are and where they operate, when they are open. In practice, it is more convenient to make a call and check the capacity just before your departure; it may happen that the collection point will be overcrowded, in which case your employee will not take over the electrical waste or batteries. Another alternative is to find out if there is any bulk collection action in your area. In particular, municipalities or individual city districts often order special mass trips at the time of spring cleaning, so just bring what you need to get rid of, for example a municipal office. In this case, no size or weight limits are usually set.

Tip: Before you get rid of everything, try also to know if there are no collections in your area. In particular, elementary or elementary schools are often involved in such eco-educational activities, where children learn to recycle and have as many selections as possible to recharge their batteries or batteries. Currently, for example, it is possible to take advantage of school collections within the framework of the EkoEDA competition where children hand over old electrical waste and batteries, most often with mobile phones and tablets.

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