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Bata's principles are no surprise

Tomáš Baťa, a big B businessman, was born more than a hundred years ago, yet his principles are not lost on topicality and can help today's companies with development in key areas. According to experts, many businesses are underestimating the training of their employees or leading positions by managers who have not experienced the situation and have not addressed the issues they have to decide. Last but not least, companies may miss the link between their business and the location in which they operate.

Social Aspects of Business

In today's business world, one of the most often-spelled terms is the concept of CSR or corporate social responsibility. "People are often charitable under this notion. Social responsibility is not just about philanthropy. Take a close link between the company and the location in which it is located or operating. Returning something that an enterprise is an integral part of improving the lives of people around you - and that's socially responsible behavior, " explains Jiri Jemelka, Director of JIP for Business, helping small and medium-sized businesses. If companies look for inspiration from the past, Tomáš Baťa and his relationship with Zlín and the principle of doing business as a public service are an ideal example.

"For Bata, the principle that I think entrepreneurs should stick to today: money and profit are not the main thing," adds Stanislav Martinec (KOMA Modula), EY Businessman of the Year in the Zlín region, adding that the personality Tomas Bata and his success not only inspires but also gives him energy.

Employee education and self-education

Even though employee training is a relatively popular work benefit today, many businesses still have reserves. Often, this development is too narrow: emphasis is placed on the knowledge and skills directly associated with the job, such as the so-called soft skills that everyone can profit, overlook. Even here is the inspiration of Tomáš Baťa, who tried to educate his staff in a number of respects and went much further than the present enterprises.

"The education system was complex and detailed in Bata. For example, witnesses recall that Bata had to educate everyone and best of all. Besides professional courses directly related to the performance of work, Baťa also opened evening courses focused on art, literature, psychology and communication. It was also a matter of language skills, and every worker had two foreign languages. Particular attention was paid to the psychology company, which was part of almost all the courses offered by the company, " says Baťa Gabriela Culík Kontik Končitíková from the Tomas Bata Foundation.

Not the boss but the leader

Being a leader, not just a boss. Password from modern business manuals? That is, yes, but one of the other timeless Bataan principles. Tomáš Baťa was very well aware that they were dragging on the examples, and he was always working on it and trying to be a moral model for his workers. He himself was employed in foreign companies to gain as much experience as possible. Practical experience demanded from his senior staff as he was of the opinion that a competent leader must understand the work done by his subordinates.

"The prerequisite for getting a higher position in the company was, among other things, the fact that you passed the company from the beginning - from the lowest position to the highest. This also applies to the studied people. The aim of the company was to get the leadership positions of people who have a personal experience of exercising lower positions in the company and know what requirements they can or can not put on their subordinates, " says Gabriela Culík Končitíková and Stanislav Martinec adds in this respect : "Bata's own password was that real business can not be done without passion, and to build a successful business, build your own people first and give them an example. That should apply to all leaders without distinction even today. "

Source: tz, edited editorially

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